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The 'Managed PC' is a standard Windows machine which gets installed with standard software. The installation of the PC runs fully automated without any user interaction. When such a 'Managed PC' gets installed an employee of C&CZ needs approximately 5 minutes to start the installation and to enter some initial data. Thereafter the installation runs fully automated and will be finished after approximately 1 hour. After a reboot the rest of the software is automatically installed. What that rest of the software exactly is, depends also on the group to which the PC belongs. For a list see below.


Because the needs differ for employees and departments within the Faculty of Science, there are different kind of 'Managed PCs':

Fully managed PC


Department contact managed PC


User managed PC


Installed PC


Hardware requirements

The minimal requirements for a new installation of a Windows "Managed PC" are:

  • Owned by Radboud University (because of software licenses)
  • Not older than 5 or 6 years
  • A network card or onboard network interface with PXE
  • Processor 64-bit and at least dual-core
  • 4 GB memory
  • Windows7: 160 GB / 250 GB harddisk for single / dual boot
  • Windows10: 250 GB / 500 GB harddisk for single / dual boot
  • No additional expansion cards for network, graphics, audio, etc.

The standard RU PC and standard RU laptop that has the above properties, suffices.

Peripheral hardware

Connecting peripheral hardware to a 'Managed PC' can run into problems. Especially if the new hardware requires installation of special software or drivers. As a 'unprivileged' user one does not have the rights to install such software. In this case a solution could be to change the PC into a 'Department managed PC' or a 'User managed PC' (this has impact on support available from C&CZ).


There is a list of Windows software that is or can be installed on C&CZ managed PCs.