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The 'Managed PC' is a standard Windows machine which gets installed with standard software. The installation of the PC runs fully automated without any user interaction. When such a 'Managed PC' gets installed an employee of C&CZ needs approximately 5 minutes to start the installation and to enter some initial data. Thereafter the installation runs fully automated and will be finished after, again approximately, 1 hour. At this moment the freshly installed PC needs to be added by C&CZ to 'Prism & Deploy' by hand. After a reboot the rest of the software is automatically installed. What that rest of the software exactly is, depends also on the group to which the PC belongs. For a list see below.


Because the needs differ for employees and departments within the Faculty of Science, there are different kind of 'Managed PCs':

Fully managed PC


Department contact managed PC


User managed PC


Installed PC


Hardware requirements

The minimal requirements for a new installation of a "Managed PC" are now (end of 2013):

  • Owned by Radboud University (because of software licenses)
  • Not older than 5 or 6 years
  • A network card or onboard network interface with PXE
  • Processor 64-bit and at least dual core
  • 4 Gigabyte memory
  • 160 GB harddisk for single boot and 250 Gigabyte harddisk for dual boot
  • No additional expansion cards for network, graphics, audio, etc.

The standard RU PC (HP Compaq Elite 8000 series and dc7800/dc7900) that has the above properties, suffices.


It is not possible to exactly state what software is installed on any specific 'Managed PC'. This greatly depends on the purpose of the PC or the department where the PC is located. It is, for example, possible to distribute licensed software to individual PC's. Below lists of software packages that are already available for 'Managed PC's.

Standard software installed during the installation of Windows7

  • Adobe CS 6 - Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.
  • F-Secure - Antivirus
  • Firefox 17 ESR - Web browser
  • GIMP - Image Manipulation
  • Inkscape - Vector graphics
  • Java 7
  • K-Lite Codec Pack
  • MS-Office Professional 2010 / Project Pro 2010 / Visio Pro 2010
  • Prism Client - Software installation client
  • Thunderbird 17 ESR - Mail client

Standard Software for Windows 7

  • 7-Zip - Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives.
  • Audacity 2.0.3 - fast, cross-platform audio editor
  • BASS - financieel en personeel concernapplicatie
  • ChemOffice
  • Cluster 3.0 + TreeView 1.1.6r4 - GUI for the most commonly used clustering methods for gene expression data analysis.
  • CnCZ shortcut - Report PC issue C&CZ
  • Coach 6 - Softwarepakket voor natuurwetenschappelijke vakken, wiskunde en besturingstechniek
  • Corsa - Documentbeheer concernapplicatie
  • Cygwin - collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment for Windows
  • DOSBox 0.74 - An open source DOS emulator for BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Windows
  • Eclipse - Software development environment
  • EndNote X5 - Software for publishing and managing bibliographies
  • F-Secure - Antivirus Software
  • Firefox 17 ESR - Web browser
  • Google Chrome - Web browser
  • Irfanview - Graphic Viewer
  • Java 7
  • K-Lite Media Codecs
  • Labview
  • LibreOffice 4.1 - Office suite
  • Logon Wallpaper
  • Mendeley Desktop 1.7.1 - Reference Manager. Generate citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and LaTeX.
  • Maple 15 - Computer algebra system
  • Mathematica (for departments that participate in the license)
  • Mathematica player (for departments that participate in the license)
  • Matlab 2012 - Numerical computing environment
  • MestreNova Lite - Analytical chemistry software suite for NMR & LC GC MS
  • MS Office 2010 - Microsoft Office productivity suite for Microsoft Windows
  • NetBeans - Software development environment
  • net-SNMP - for monitoring the health and welfare of network equipment
  • Notepad++ - a free source code editor which supports several programming languages
  • OCS - Inventory agent
  • Planning Kit - Planning Kit for Flood Management, by RWS, Deltaris
  • Putty - SSH-client
  • R - Statistical computing and graphics
  • Rstudio - integrated development environment for R
  • Silverlight
  • SPSS 20 - Statistisch computerprogramma
  • SWI-Prolog
  • VLC 2.0.0 - Media player
  • Thunderbird 17 ESR - Email en news-client
  • VLC - Media player
  • WinSCP - Secure copy
  • Workstation Unlocker
  • Workrave - assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • X2Go client - a serverbased computing environment
  • Xming - X Server
  • Yasara - Molecular-graphics, -modeling and -simulation program

Still to be done for Windows7:

  • Bricxcc
  • Euroglot
  • Foxit Pdf Reader
  • Gnuplot
  • gs / GhostScript
  • Helpdesk
  • iTunes
  • Jdk
  • KeePass
  • Lyx
  • Originlab (for departments that participate in the license)
  • Osiris
  • PDFCreator
  • Python - Programmeertaal
  • Quicktime
  • RealPlayer
  • RoxioSonic
  • S+
  • TortoiseSVN - Subversion versiecontrole client
  • Van Dale

Standard software available from network drives

  • Eudora (mail program)
  • PuTTY (Secure SHell (SSH))
  • RU-Huisstijl (RU letters)
  • Van Dale (dictionaries)
  • Vnc
  • concern (map with several concern applications)
  • Matlab
  • Maple (Computeralgebra)
  • R (statistics)
  • TeXlive (wordprocessing)
  • Gimp (picture editing)
  • Gorilla (password management)
  • IrfanView (picture viewer)
  • FileZilla (ftp client)
  • Dev-Cpp (C++ compiler)
  • SciLab (open source matlab alternative)

On the Windows PC's in the computer labs a T-disk with course software is attached from the network

Available departmental or licensed software

  • Chemoffice
  • Chime-2.6
  • Cortona
  • Filemaker Pro 7
  • Frontpage
  • Gaussian
  • Ghostview
  • Ica32
  • Nero
  • Nitrogeniusdemo
  • Corsa71
  • Originlab
  • Pearl-2.2.2
  • Zier

Peripheral hardware

Connecting peripheral hardware to a 'Managed PC' can run into problems. Especially if the new hardware requires installation of special software or drivers. As a 'unprivileged' user one does not have the rights to install such software. In this case a solution could be to change the PC into a 'Department managed PC' or a 'User managed PC' (this has impact on support available from C&CZ).