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Preliminary solution: <br /> One can install a standard Windows machine from the network in an identical way. At the end of the installation, the '' Administrator '' password of the PC must be changed to a password that the local user knows. A small, initial set of applications is added. This installation may not install all drivers for the hardware on non-standard PCs, as well as software that the supplier has supplied / pre-installed with the PC. In this case it concerns a so-called unattended installation. One can not make choices about how to install Windows (e.g. partitioning - the hard disk is fully used as '' '<tt> C: \ </ tt>' '' disk and formatted) or which parts of Windows (eg Outlook Express) may or may not be added. The local user has to install missing drivers and additional software. <br /> Advanced details: <br /> If necessary, you can then pull the PC out of the AD-domain (please let us know if you do that, then we can adjust Active Directory). It is also possible to add the PC to the '' unmanaged '' OU so that the PC does not get '' policies '' from the domain.

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The 'Managed PC' is a standard Windows machine which gets installed with standard software. The installation of the PC runs fully automated without any user interaction. When such a 'Managed PC' gets installed an employee of C&CZ needs approximately 5 minutes to start the installation and to enter some initial data. Thereafter the installation runs fully automated and will be finished after approximately 1 hour. At this moment the freshly installed PC needs to be added by C&CZ to 'Prism & Deploy' by hand. After a reboot the rest of the software is automatically installed. What that rest of the software exactly is, depends also on the group to which the PC belongs. For a list see below.


Because the needs differ for employees and departments within the Faculty of Science, there are different kind of 'Managed PCs':

Fully managed PC


Department contact managed PC


User managed PC


Installed PC


Hardware requirements

The minimal requirements for a new installation of a "Managed PC" are now (end of 2013):

  • Owned by Radboud University (because of software licenses)
  • Not older than 5 or 6 years
  • A network card or onboard network interface with PXE
  • Processor 64-bit and at least dual core
  • 4 GB memory
  • 160 GB harddisk for single boot and 250 Gigabyte harddisk for dual boot
  • No additional expansion cards for network, graphics, audio, etc.

The standard RU PC (HP Compaq Elite 8000 series and dc7800/dc7900) and standard RU laptop (HP Probook) that has the above properties, suffices.

Peripheral hardware

Connecting peripheral hardware to a 'Managed PC' can run into problems. Especially if the new hardware requires installation of special software or drivers. As a 'unprivileged' user one does not have the rights to install such software. In this case a solution could be to change the PC into a 'Department managed PC' or a 'User managed PC' (this has impact on support available from C&CZ).


There is a list of Windows software that is or can be installed on C&CZ managed PCs.