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Managed PC


The 'Managed PC' is a standard Windows-XP machine which gets installed with standard software. The installation of the PC runs fully automated without any user interaction. When such a 'Managed PC' gets installed an employee of C&CZ needs approximately 5 minutes to start the installation and to enter some initial data. Thereafter the installation runs fully automated and will be finished after, again approximately, 1 hour. At this moment the fresh installed PC needs to be added to 'Prism & Deploy' by hand. After a reboot the rest of the software is automatically installed.


Because within the science faculty the needs of employees and departments are different, we can not get by with just one type of 'Managed PC'. Depending on your needs there are several options.

Fully managed PC


Department managed PC


User managed PC


Installed PC


Hardware requirements

It is not possible to convert any given PC into a 'Managed PC'. An indication of the minimal requirements:

  • A network card or onboard network interface with PXE
  • Processor speed greater than ca 1 Ghz
  • 256 Mbyte memory
  • 10 Gbyte harddisk

PC's that fulfill the HCL for Windows-XP (Hardware Compatibility List for Windows-XP - Hardware which Windows-XP itself recognizes during installation, without extra drivers of hardware vendors) install without problems.


It is not possible to exactly state what software is installed on any specific 'Managed PC'. This greatly depends on the purpose of the PC or the department where the PC is located. It is, for example, possible to distribute licensed software to individual PC's. Below lists of software packages that are already available for 'Managed PC's.

Standard software installed during the installation of Windows

  • MS Windows XP Professional Upgrade UK Service Pack 2
  • MS Windows XP Multilingual User Interface for Windows XP Professional UK - Dutch,
  • MS Office XP Professional for Windows/98/Me/NT/2000 & XP UK
  • MS Office XP Professional MultiLanguage Pack for Office XP Professional UK - Dutch

Standard Prism & Deploy software

  • Acrobat Reader
  • FireFox
  • Thunderbird
  • Jre (Java Runtime Environment)
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i
  • Quicktime
  • Shockwave
  • Flashplayer
  • Van Dale Woordenboeken
  • X-win32
  • 7-zip
  • Maple

Standard software available from network drives

  • Eudora (mail program)
  • PuTTY (Secure SHell (SSH))
  • RU-Huisstijl (RU letters)
  • Van Dale (dictionaries)
  • Vnc
  • concern (map with several concern applications)
  • Matlab
  • Maple (Computeralgebra)
  • R (statistics)
  • TeXlive (wordprocessing)
  • Gimp (picture editing)
  • Gorilla (password management)
  • IrfanView (picture viewer)
  • FileZilla (ftp client)
  • Dev-Cpp (C++ compiler)
  • SciLab (open source matlab alternative)

Available departemental or licensed software

  • Chemoffice
  • Chime-2.6
  • Cortona
  • Endnote 9
  • Filemaker Pro 7
  • Frontpage
  • Gaussian
  • Ghostview
  • Ica32
  • spss14
  • Myodbc-3.51.11-2-win
  • Nero
  • Nitrogeniusdemo
  • Corsa71
  • Originlab
  • Pearl-2.2.2
  • Reference Manager
  • Zier

External devices

Connecting external devices to a 'Managed PC' can run into problems. Especially if the new hardware requires installation of special software or drivers. As a 'unprivileged' user one does not have the rights to install such software. In this case a solution could be to change the PC into a 'Departement managed PC' or a 'User managed PC' (this has impact on support available from C&CZ).





USB thumb


Digital Camera





We already have a reasonable amount of experience with the 'Managed PC'. Below you can find news, manuals and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


  • New versions of Firefox en Thunderbird are installed on all computerlabs PC's. For both programs it would be smart to save your userprofile somewhere under 'My Documents' (= home directory = H:\ drive).
  • Java 1.6 installed on all computerlabs PC's, java plugin runs in both Internet Explorer as Firefox.



Comments, problems, status

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