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Some applications require a PC with MS Windows installed. If you use another operating system, you can make use of a Windows Terminal server.


To get access to this Terminal Server, send a request to and mention your science login name.

Connection details

Server name:
Authentication: via Active Directory
Windows Domain: B-FAC
Protocol:       Remote Desktop Potocol
TCP Port:       3389

For remote access VPN is required

Do not forget to log out when you are ready, in order not to overload TS2.

Usage from Windows

Click Start -> Remote Desktop Connection A new window appears. For the computer name, enter:

Check "Show options", enter username B-FAC\[science account name] and hit the "Connect" button. Click Yes to accept the identity of the remote server. A green-blue login screen appears for logging on to ts2. Fill in your Science account name and password and you should be able to logon.

If you get the following message, just click OK:

Run-time Error '429': ActiveX component can't create object

Usage from Linux

Use on your own computer a program like "remmina" or "rdesktop" to connect to the server:

Provide the AD domain part, eg. B-FAC\[Science account name], in the Username field.

There is a well-known problem using rdesktop for which the work-around is:

cd ~
mv .rdesktop .rdesktop.tmp
mkdir .rdesktop
chmod 500 .rdesktop

Usage from OSX

For usage from OSX, you can use "Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac". It's included with every edition of Office for Mac 2011, but can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website as well.