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Available on C&CZ managed Unix-computers

  • Operating systems:
    • Solaris/SPARC
    • Fedora Linux
  • Compilers/Development Environment
    • Sun Studio. Latest version 12 in /opt/sun/sunstudio12/ (Linux) or /vol/sunstudio12/SUNWspro (Solaris)
    • Gnu compilers
    • [Eclipse] on Linux computers
    • Java JDK in /usr/java/latest (Linux) or /usr/jdk/latest (Solaris)
  • Office software:
    • OpenOffice (voor Linux in /usr/bin/ooffice, voor Solaris in /usr/local/bin/ooffice) and StarOffice 8 (Solaris, in /usr/local/bin/soffice).
    • TeX: TeX Live with local additions like RU corporate identity in /usr/local/tex/bin.
  • Graphical software
    • [GIMP] Gnu Image Manipulation Program on Linux computers
    • [inkscape] is a Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw
  • All kinds of software in /usr/local, /opt/ and /vol/

To be borrowed

At this moment the following Unix software can be borrowed from C&CZ in room HG03.055 by employees and students of the Faculty of Science:

  • Operating systems:
    • Solaris/Intel.
    • Solaris10 SPARC.
    • For SGI-owners with a support contract: Irix 6.5.16.
    • SUSE Linux Personal Edition 9.3 DVD.
  • Mathematische programmatuur:
  • Office software:
  • Antivirus software: