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Work from home - Faculty of Science

See also the working from home page provided by the central IT Service Centre.


User webmail or your local e-mail client. See Email.


See: How to get access to the University Library (when you are off campus).


BASS can only be accessed directly from the campus network or through VPN from any Internet location. Note however that from a small part of the subnets at the Faculty of Science, direct access to BASS is not possible. These subnets are the ones with servers that can be accessed from the Internet.

When using an up-to-date Firefox or Chrome browser, you may notice an error about TLS 1.2 not being supported. In order to use BASS, you will need to let your browser use the older emcryption protocols.

Files on network discs

There are two ways to access your network files:


Use your Science login to login to Mattermost. You can define your own channels and communicate with your colleagues. Check this page for the user manual.


Keuzehulp Privacy bij Videobel apps

  • Video conferencing from the browser: . No authentication required. Recommended browsers: Chrome. Firefox users might experience bad performance. Upload/Internet connection of clients should be fast for the best experience
  • There's also a jitsi video conferencing server hosted by Surf: Log in via surfconext when starting a channel, invited users don't need any login, a password is optional.
  • Conference calls:
  • Google Hangouts (max 10 people) or Google Hangouts Meet (hundreds of users, requires G-suite account)
  • Zoom either free or you can request a license from the University (mail to ) for larger meetings.
    NB. there are some privacy concerns about using Zoom, though some of them are inherent to using cloud services for private meetings
    • Zoom (and all external cloud solutions) meetings are probably not GDPR/AVG proof, since the server-side has access to the unencrypted stream
    • Zoom has been sloppy in the past with personal data (leaked e-mail addresses)

Linux Login Server / Cluster

See SSH. From there, login to the Science cluster.

Code collaboration

Use your Science login to login to GitLab.

C&CZ helpdesk and postmaster

You can ask for help in the usual way and more:

  • e-mail for questions about desktops, account problems, working from home
  • e-mail for questions about linux systems, cluster, and more
  • by phone (we will try to be reachable) on the usual numbers +31 24 3620000 (helpdesk) +31 24 3653535 (postmaster)
  • via discord cncz-discord

Remote Desktop on your own PC (last resort!)

In some cases, there is no alternative to working on your work PC. However this should be a last resort and not to be used all the time. It puts the most strain on the VPN service and it requires the PC to have a permanent IP address, which is not the common situation.

If you really need this, please send e-mail to with the following information:

  • who is maintaining the PC? You, C&CZ or ISC
  • hostname or ip address of your PC
    Sometimes additional information like room number and outlet number helps to resolve ambiguities
  • the username you use to login to the PC (in case PC is managed by C&CZ)
  • reason why you need it (we may know alternatives you didn't think of)

In order to use Remote Desktop you need to: