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=== Webmail ===
=== Webmail ===
== Shares ==
== Files ==
There are two ways to access your [[Diskruimte|files]]:
via VPN
* Establish a [[Vpn|VPN connection]] and access [[Diskruimte|network shares like you would normally do]]
* Use an [[SSH#Recommended_file_transfer_clients|SCP (Secure Copy) client]] to connect to an [[SSH|SSH login server]].
== Linux Login Server ==
== Linux Login Server ==

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Work from home for Science

  • E-mail
  • Shares
  • Linux Login Server
  • Cluster
  • VPN options


Eigen e-mail client



There are two ways to access your files:

Linux Login Server

ssh lilo.science.ru.nl (lilo6.science.ru.nl) old: ssh lilo5.science.ru.nl

  • port forwarding
  • ssh cnXX
  • ssh /desktop-client/
  • X-forwarding (start firefox/... op lilo)
  • sshfs om je eigen homedirectory te gebruiken op je thuis-linux werkplek


via lilo.science.ru.nl kun je door naar cn00, cn13, coma, enz. om jobs te submitten en te controleren


Opties voor VPN:

  • EduVPN - linkje...
  • Science VPN
  • ssh naar lilo met port-forwarding