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== Meetings ==
== Meetings ==
* Conference calls: https://conferencecall.nl
* Conference calls: https://conferencecall.nl
* Video conferencing: https://meet.jit.si/ or https://zoom.us/
* Video conferencing: https://videobelpilot.surf.nl/ (Log in via surfconext when starting a channel, invited users don't need any login, a password is optional)
* Chat + Video + voice: https://discordapp.com/
== C+CZ helpdesk  and postmaster ==
== C+CZ helpdesk  and postmaster ==

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Work from home - Faculty of Science

See also the working from home page provided by the central it service centre.


See Email.


See: How to get access to the University Library (when you are off campus).

Files on network discs

There are two ways to access your network files:


Use your Science login to login to Mattermost. You can define your own channels and communicate with your colleagues. Check this page for the user manual.

Linux Login Server / Cluster

See SSH. From there, login to the Science cluster.

Code collaboration

Use your Science login to login to GitLab.


C+CZ helpdesk and postmaster

You can ask for help in the usual way and more:

  • e-mail for questions about desktops, account problems, working from home
  • e-mail for questions about linux systems, cluster, and more
  • by phone (we will try to be reachable) on the usual numbers +31 24 3620000 (helpdesk) +31 24 3653535 (postmaster)
  • via discord cncz-discord