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For the Science faculty C&CZ manages a large number of machines that anybody with an account can use. Employees should take note of the section Reservation below.

There are no seperate Unix/Linux computerlabs, but in the Studylandscape (HG00.201) and near the Mathematics department (HG03.761) a number of managed Linux computers are available.

Available computerlabs

The Science Faculty provides the following computerlabs:

  • TK149, (HG00.149)
    10 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
  • TK153, (HG00.153)
    10 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
  • TK029, (HG00.029)
    40 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
    Tevens is de docent-PC aangesloten op een beamer, waardoor ook hier het computerbeeld op de wand geprojecteerd kan worden.
  • TK329, (HG01.329)
    53 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
  • TK702, TK-GIS (HG02.702)
    12 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.0Ghz, 512MB, 19" CRT monitor, sound) met Windows-XP.
  • TK761, locate near Mathematics (HG03.761, no reservation possible)
    4 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 3.0Ghz, 1GB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
    14 Managed Linux PC's (Pentium IV, 3.0Ghz, 1GB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Linux (Fedora).
  • TK075, Computerlab 65 (HG00.075)
    65 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 3.0Ghz, 1GB, 17" of 18" LCD monitor) with Windows-XP.

The occupation of the computerlabs is monitored at computerlab occupation. In the daily overview, the green line is the average occupation in 5 minutes. The red graph is the maximum occupation during 5 minutes. Be carefull: the period of time over which the occupation is averaged, increases linearly in the week/month/year overview. That average (green) information is, therefore, meaningless. The (red) maximum does not change of course and stays, therefore, meaningfull.

At this time, the usage of the Linux PC's can not be monitored in a correct way.

Study landscape

The Science faculty has a study landscape (HG00.201, access from Science Library HG00.011) where you can study and for example connect a privately owned laptop to the faculty network. There is a collection of study books of all disciplines. The books can be used freely but cannot be borrowed. There is also a special copier for books available and a black and white laserprinter called dali. The small siderooms (HG00.206, HG00.209, HG00.212 en HG00.215) can be used by employees or students for meetings, etc. Reservation of these rooms can be made at the 'doorman' of the study landscape. There are simple PC's available in these siderooms.

  • Study landscape (HG00.201)
    40 Managed PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Windows-XP.
    6 Managed Linux PC's (Pentium IV, 2.8Ghz, 512MB, 17" LCD monitor, sound) with Linux (Fedora).
  • Self study rooms (HG00.206, HG00.209, HG00.212 and HG00.215)
    4 times 2 Managed PC's with Windows-XP.

In the Science Library one can also find PC's: 8 group-usable PC's and 19 quiet-room PC's identical to those of the study landscape. The only differences are that these are owned by the Science Library, who can hand out logins for a day to non-Science employess/students.


Just like collegezalen or colloquiumkamers, computerlabs can be reserved for courses. One should consider the follwing:

  • Reservation of the computerlab.

To make a reservation, get in contact with Zaalreservering, department IHZ (Interne en Huishoudelijke Zaken), room HG00.040, telefoon 52010. N.B.: This is only for the reservation of the computerlab.

  • Admittance to computerlabs is arranged by an admittance procedure.
  • All students in a course must have an Account.
  • Installed software. Besides MS Windows with MS Office or Linux with Open Office, a lot of extra software is always available on the PC's in the computerlabs. See: Windows applications, Linux applications.
  • Additional software for courses must be installed by the system management of C&CZ.
    It is not possible to get Administrative- or Power User privileges for installing additional software or running problematic programs.
  • Especially new software for the computerlabs should be requested at the earliest possible moment (at least two weeks in advance).
    This is needed because system management must figure out if the software can run using ordinary user privileges, to package the software and finally to distribute the package to the PC's in the requested computerlab(s). It has happened that certain software could not be used because of security and maintainability reasons, an alternative software package had to be found, packaged, installed and used during the course.

If a computerlab is not reserved for a course, anybody with an account can use any of the PC's available.

Behaviour in the labs

It is not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the computerlabs, this is to protect the equipment. Do not cause annoyances to other users, like disturbing sounds, long term screen lock, ...). Also there is a priority to use a PC: highest priority has the course that has reserved the computerlab, next are employees or students working on courses, essays and reports.