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Phone and email directories

Directories of the Faculty of Science, RU and UMCN

There are two phone/address directories, the Science Faculty Telgids, can search with (just a part of the) name, department, phone/pager, mail address, department name etc. Can only be used from the campus network (thus also from home with VPN). The search is case insensitive, one can use regular expressions.

The content of the Science-directory can be managed online by the departments themselves. In this directory one can use functional names like "Reception", "Laboratory". Changes in this guide are automatically sent to the university RBS system, from which the university phone guide is produced. Prerequisite is that correct personnel numbers are used for all persons, so we can prevent functional names being sent to RBS.

The university guide made from RBS can be used at the RU directory. The version at the RadboudNet Intranet shows also room numbers. University personnel with a valid UMCN (Z number!) login can also find the UMCN directory in the UMCN intranet.