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There is a Tele Lecture Room at the Faculty of Science: HG00.108. This facility makes it possible for students who are elsewhere in the world, to participate "virtually" and "interactively" in a lecture given in this room. The other way around is also possible. Obviously the "remote" room needs to offer certain audiovisual services to make this possible. This facility was built by request from several lecturers of I&I and WiNSt.

In the large conference room HG01.060 a video conferencing facility has been created. This setup also serves as backup for the tele lecture facility in two possible ways: When the main tele lecture setup in HG00.108 fails, (1) lecturer and students can move to HG01.060 (if the number of students is small enough) or (2) the video conferencing unit from HG01.060 can be moved to HG00.108 for these units where designed for this purpose.

More information on the possibilities will follow shortly. For help and advise please contact the Audiovisual Department of our faculty.