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Jump to: navigation, search has been turned off! GitLab is the successor of our Subversion service!

Migrating from Subversion to Gitlab

We have automated the migration from Subversion to GitLab. Contact if you wish to have clone access to your migrated repository.

Manual migration from Subversion to Gitlab

Inspired by this short manual, an SVN to git conversion could boil down to something like:

cd /tmp/
git svn clone --no-metadata -A users.txt
cd myproject
git remote add gitlab :yourscienceloginname/myproject.git
git push --set-upstream gitlab master

Git URLs (https and ssh) are shown on the top of the project page in gitlab. The generic repository URL for the science SVN server is:{repository}

And for CS:{repository}

You can also see this for public svn repositories on (viewing private repositories requires authentication).

Migrating to a private SVN repository

It is possible to continue to use subversion for your personal repository. In that case, you C&CZ can help you move your repository off the svn server to your home directory. From that point, you can access the repository via one of the login servers.

Old Subversion wiki page

The old subversion wiki page is archived here