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*[[Hardware pc verzoek]]
*[[Hardware pc verzoek]]
*[[Hardware repareren]]
*[[Hardware repareren]]
=== Marcel ===
*[[:Categorie:Netwerk]] DONE!
*[[Netwerk draadloos]] DONE!
*[[Netwerk draadloos handleiding]] DONE!
*[[Netwerk draadloos handleidinglinux]] DONE!
*[[Netwerk gidsen]]
=== Remco ===
=== Remco ===
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=== Wim ===
=== Wim ===
*[[Hardware bwpc]]
*[[Hardware bwpc]]
=== Wim (done) ===
*[[Hardware terminalkamers]]
*[[Hardware terminalkamers reserveren]]
*[[Hardware windowstk]]
*[[Hardware unixtk]]
*[[Hardware randapparatuur]]
*[[Hardware printers]]
*[[Hardware scanners]]
*[[Hardware cdrecorder]]
*[[Hardware installeren]]
*[[Hardware unix]]
*[[Software windows]]
*[[Software xwin32]]
*[[Netwerk ntp]]
*[[Email mailclients]]
=== Peter (done) ===
*[[Eerstelijns archief]]
*[[Overcncz adres]]
*[[Overcncz bereikbaarheid]]
*[[Overcncz overzichtskaart]]
*[[Hardware fax]]
*[[Hardware servers]]
*[[Email sieve]]
*[[Email antivirus]]
*[[Email spam]]
*[[Email vakantie]]
*[[Email authsmtp]]
*[[Faq backup answer1]]
*[[Faq backup restore]]
*[[Software mathematica]]
*[[Software matlab]]
*[[Software maple]]
*[[Software unix]]
*[[Software macintosh]]
*[[Software ssh]]
*[[Software kun licenses]]
*[[Studenten login]]
*[[Medewerkers huisstijl]]
*[[Medewerkers latexbrief]]
=== kan weg ===
=== kan weg ===

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