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Current Service Interruptions and Maintainance

Fixed phone problem

7 Mrt 2011 -

You cann't reach certain fixed phones at the university right now, mobile phones and Skype do work ok though.

Planned Service: Limited computer services

12 Feb 2011 7:00 - 11:00

A backup cooling system will be installed in our main computer room. Therefore the air conditioning system must be switched off, which means that most of the computer facilities in this room must be shut down. This includes the cluster nodes cn00 through cn53 and many of the web- and file- (network share) servers. It is advised to expect a very limited service level. We will try to keep all home directories and the mail system available. For detailed information about the impact please contact C&CZ.

Printer lp5

24 Jan 2011 -

Printer lp5 has been moved to HG00.089. You can't use this printer at the moment, there's a problem with the power supply unit.

Recently Resolved Service Interruptions and Maintainance

Mailserver blacklisted

4 Feb 2011 9:00 - 12:00

One of our mail servers has been sending loads of spam after a successful phishing attack. Since then, our server has been blacklisted on several domains. Currently this affects the delivery of email to @hotmail and @live addresses.