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Verder lijkt het me een goed idee om een pagina te maken waar "profile" nog even wordt uitgelegd, welke mappen daar precies onder vallen en wat veilig is om te verwijderen als je je profile wilt opschonen. Daar kan dan ook het gedeelte "wat te doen bij ee proquota melding" bij.

ProQuota, what is it?

When you log in on a managed PC, your private settings (Profile) of Windows and the applications are copied from the network to your current PC. During the session, these copied settings on the PC are used and changed if necessary. At logout, the (altered) settings are copied back to the network. When you log in, at a later point in time, on a different managed PC, these settings are copied to the new PC and your own settings are available again. You may locate these settings under C:\Documents and Settings\<loginname>.

ProQuota monitors the space that your Profile takes on the disk. Bacause copying the Profile takes time during login and logout, and because the physical disk space is limited, the amount of disk space for Profile is limited.

Be aware that backup software disciminates between Home directories (important) and other data. Store, therefore, your important data in your Home directory.

What can you do in case you receive a Proquota message:

  • For Firefox and Thunderbird it would be smart to save your userprofile somewhere under 'My Documents' (= home directory = H:\ drive).
  • Store your documents in your Home directory and not on your desktop.