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Most printers are departmental printers. These printer are owned by some department and are to be use by people belonging to that deparment only. The department has purchased the printer and is responsible for paper, supplies and maintenance.

Also there are printer that can be used by everybody. These printers are maintained by C&CZ. In case of problems or complaints about these printers, contact C&CZ.

Line printer (Epson-FX80 compatible)

name location brand/type
lp5 HG00.002 Mannesmann-Tally 645

Postscript black and white printers

name location brand/type Special
jansteen HG00.002 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
chagall HG00.089 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
dali HG00.201 HP Mopier 240 PS Duplex, A3 manual feed
escher HG01.002 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
rubens HG02.031 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
klee HG02.089 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
ruisdael HG03.038 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
toorop HG03.079 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only
monet HG00.019 HP LaserJet 4350DTN Duplex, A4 only

When using Adobe Acrobat version 8 the PostScript driver generates code which often produces an unrecoverable error on the printers mentioned above.

Postscript color printers

name location merk/type Special
weber HG00.011 Ricoh Aficio MP C2500 Duplex, A3, scanning and copying possible
vangogh HG01.089 HP Color LaserJet 8550DN Duplex, A3 and transparancies possible
picasso HG02.002 HP Color LaserJet 8500DN Duplex, A3 and transparancies possible
vermeer HG03.002 HP Color LaserJet 9500HDN Duplex, A3 and transparancies possible
miro HG03.089 Xerox Phaser 7300DX Duplex and A3 possible
nicolas HG03.089 HP Business Inkjet 2250TN Only transparancies (A4)

The printers that are capable of duplex (double sided) printing, wil print all documents double sided, except documents that are explicitly marked as being single sided.

Printing using Windows


First connect a network drive from the printer-server, this will show errors if there is something wrong with your login or password. Connecting this network drive can be accomplished in a 'Windows Explorer' window like 'My Documents'. Click on 'Tools' -> 'Map Network Drive...' and choose for the 'Folder:' \\printer-srv\printerdrivers. Then you can add a new printer using 'Start' -> 'Settings' -> 'Printers and Faxes', select the pinter task 'Add a printer'. Choose 'A network printer ...', choose 'Connect to this printer ...' and type \\printer-srv\printernaam in the 'Name:' field, for example \\printer-srv\jansteen. Now you can select to make it the default printer. Finally click 'Finish'.

If you manage your PC or laptop yourself, the most simple solution is to create an account name and password identical to your FNWI account. Then Windows will automatically use the correct account name and password. An other solution would be to connect to the printer using 'Connect using a different user name'.


Install a printer (\\printer-srv\jansteen as an example):

  • Click on: 'Start' -> 'Settings' -> 'Printers'
  • Dubbelklik: 'Add Printer'
  • Selekteer: 'Network printer' (but for Windows NT select 'local printer').
  • Network path: \\printer-srv\jansteen
    (for the dbf-domein \\admiraal\jansteen)

Now click several times on 'Next', select 'Default Printer' as needed and deselect 'Would you like to print a test page'. You can change the settings of the printer in de tabs you get when selecting 'Properties'.

For departmental printers it is usually necessary to select the brand en model of the printer, except when C&CZ has added the printer to the Samba list of printerdefinitions (/usr/local/samba/lib/printers.def).

Printing using a Managed Linux PC

With kprinter you can choose your default printer ("Set as Default"). Deselect under System Options that every application should use the last selected printer ("defaults to the last printer used in the application").

The print system for Linux machines differs a lot from the Sun machines, but the warning mentioned for Sun machines also holds for the Linux machines.

Printing using other Linux machines

In linux one can choose to print the same way Windows-machines do, through SMB to a Samba-server.

  • As device URI, type smb://username:/printername, where you have to fill in your own username and password and must use the offical name of the printer in printername

Printing using a MacOS machine

  • Open “System Preferences”, select “Print & Fax”
  • Press the ”+” button, it will open the “Printer Browser”
  • Now, press ALT and then click (with ALT still down) “More Printers”, and a dialog box appears
  • The top selector should be on “Advanced”, and the second selector should be on “Windows Printer via SAMBA”
  • As device name you can choose the name which you prefer to refer to the printer
  • As device URI, type smb://username:/printername, where you have to fill in your own username and password and must use the offical name of the printer in printername
  • Select, if you desire, the precise printer model (for example HP Laserjet 4200 series printer with 500-sheet input tray and duplex unit and 64 MB memory)
  • Click “Add”, and you’re done!

Printing using a Sun machine

The online manual man lpr describes all options of the lpr command. These options are only applicable to text- en DVI- and for PostScript documents which have no explicit printer dependencies.

Whenever documents are created on a PC, then the options in the document - options that where set in the printerdriver at the time of printing - always have precedence over the lpr-options. The lpr-options also have no influence when printing PCL or PDF documents.

Beware: This implies that printing, using the lpr -Zg document.ext can result in unexpected, 'expensive' color pages.

Some examples for the printer vermeer:

Command Description
lpr -Pvermeer report.dvi A4, double sided
lpr -Pvermeer -gsigma report.dvi A4, double sided, of budget "sigma"
lpr -Pvermeer -Zs report.dvi A4, single sided
lpr -Pvermeer -Zs,c=10 report.dvi A4, single sided, 10 copies
lpr -Pvermeer -Za3 A3 (and single sided)
lpr -Pvermeer -Zf Transparancy (and single sided :-)


Use of the line printer is free. All other printers you have to pay per page. The costs of a printjob (number of pages * page price) are automatically deducted from your budget. You need to have a (positive) budget.

Beware: if there is just one single color pixel on a page, the printer will register a color page and your budget will be charged for color.

name price per page Special
all PostScript laserprinters € 0,035 A4 black&white
all PostScript color laserprinters € 0,23 A4 color
all PostScript color laserprinters € 0,495 transparancy block/white
all PostScript color laserprinters € 0,69 transparancy color
all PostScript color laserprinters € 0,16 A3 black/white
all PostScript color laserprinters € 0,55 A3 color
nicolas € 1,40 always transparancy

Medio 2005 the page prices were recalculated and determined. Rules used in calculation: 1) C&CZ does not make a profit from printing, 2) page prices are the same on all printers and 3) all costs (initial purchase, maintenance, paper, supplies, headerpages) are included in the calculation. The price for a black&white page is based on the costs for pages printed by a black&white laserprinter like the HP4350DN. De surplus costs of the more expensive color laserprinters like the HP9500HDN are included in the price of a color page.

Binding, cutting, stapling, ...

In the Faculty Library you can buy binders for your reports, etc. Also there is a cutting tool, a 23 hole punch and several staplers.

Next to the printer "miro" (HG03.089) one can also find a cutting tool and a big stapler.