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Budget for printers

To use the C&CZ printers the loginname must be present in a budgetgroup for the specific group of printers. Next to that, the budget must be sufficient to print at least 1 page. The budget is automatically being lowered by the costs of printjobs and faxes. The name of the budgetgroups that can be used and the current amount of these budgets can be viewed at the Do It Yourself website

Students automatically get a private budgetgroup for the laserprinters. The name of this budgetgroup is the same as the loginname. Employees normally are automatically member of a budgetgroup with the name of their department.

To start a new budgetgroup, one has to stop by C&CZ system administration.

Putting money on an existing budgetgroup can be done with an "AB-bon" or cash at C&CZ system administration or with "pinpas" or "chipknip" at the Faculty Library on the ground floor of the Huygens-building, mentioning the .loginname and budgetgroup if one has more than one. Putting money on your "chipknip" can be done in the central lobby of the Huygens building.