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Use 'S' for SETUP and then'C" for Config and fill in:

  smtp-server    =
  inbox-path     = {}INBOX

where ... should be replaced by your login name

To see the other IMAP folders, use 'S" for SETUP and then 'C' for Config and change:

  [ Folder Preferences ]
            [X]  combined-folder-display
            [X]  expanded-view-of-folders
            [X]  quell-empty-directories

Ook nog binnen SETUP: kies 'L' voor collectionLists en maak met 'A' twee nieuwe collection lists:

  Nickname  : Personal folders
  Server    :
  Path      : INBOX.
  View      :

(close with control-X)


  Nickname  : Shared folders
  Server    :
  Path      : user.
  View      :

(close with control-X)

If you remove the default Mail/ collection list, then all sent mail will be automatically stored in a folder on