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Peage is the name of a new campus wide printing/accounting system to provide uniform budgeted printing, copying, and scanning on Radboud University campus and the UMC.

In June 2011 a (second) Proof of Concept project was successfully executed at several faculties including FNWI. As of July 2011 a Peage printer is available at FNWI. The printer's name is Watt and it is located near the vending machines in the restaurant in the Huygens building.

To be able to use a Peage printer one needs a new student/personel pass. The distribution of the new passes therefore determines the order and speed with which the current printers are converted to Peage printers. The roll-out of the new passes is centrally managed. It is to be expected that all RU students will have a new pass before 2012 after which all RU employees will receive a new pass. Student who started this year already have a new pass. Students and staff with a new pass can already use the Peage printers.

In the initial implementation group budgets (for departments, student unions, etc.) and guest budgets are not provided for. This should be fixed in a future upgrade. Because of this and because of the gruadual roll-out of new passes we have decided to start with only one Peage printer at FNWI. As the need for more Peage printers increases more printers will be converted.

The price per page is also determined centrally but has not yet been fixed. Until then the price is 5 cents for single sided and 9 cents for double sided black-and-white A4. For FNWI this would be a rather steep price increase unfortunately.