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Peage is the new uniform printing and copying system of the Radboud University.

CnCZ gebruikers handleiding - eerste aanzet

Printing with Péage on a Windows 7/8/8.1/10 machine (either self or CnCZ maintained)

You need your RU-account (u/f/e/s-number and RU-password) to send print jobs to the printer.

  • Step 1

Select Start, in the Help / Search area enter Credential Manager and launch the retrieved application.

  • Step 2

The Windows Vault appears. Click on Add a Windows credential next to the header Windows Credentials. Enter credential data: Internet or network address: User name: your RU-account, preceded by ru\, eg. ru\u123456. Password: your matching RU-password Finally click OK and close the Credential Manager.

  • Step 3

Select Start, in the Help / Search area enter Devices and Printers and launch the Control menu item.

  • Step 4

In the Menu bar click on Add a Printer, select Add a network, wireless or Bluethooth printer. If the printer is listed in the Select a printer list, double click on the printer. The printer will automatically be installed and added to your printers.

Otherwise click on The printer that i want isn't listed and select Select a shared printer by name, next enter\RU-Print03. The printer will now be automatically installed and added to your printers.

Click Next and finally Finish.

The printers/copiers

On the Peage website you can see which printers can be used. In the Huygens building you can use:

Info Building Location Exact printer name to be used Special Help
Konica Minolta Bizhub C554 Huygens building, Heyendaalseweg 135 HG00.038 (ground floor next to restaurant) Duplex, A3, scanning and copying possible

Adding the printer on a Windows 7 PC

This guide explains how to print through Peage using Windows 7. Please note that Peage uses a separate payment system from the FNWI one, which requires you to put money onto your Peage account, which is linked to your student card. Also note that, at the moment, there is only one Peage printer and it can only print black and white pages.

You can activate your Peage account here. You can add money using iDEAL here. Both are also accessible through the Portal.

To use Peage, follow these steps: Click: Start -> Devices and printers -> add a printer (at the top) Click ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’ as below:

Peage win7 s1.png

Click ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ as below:

Peage win7 s2.png



As below, and click ‘next’:

Peage win7 s3.png

You may or may not be asked for credentials. If you are, use your Radboud login details with ru\ prefixed to your s-number, e.g.:

*********** (your password for Osiris, Blackboard etc)

As below, and click ‘OK’:

Peage win7 s4.png

Click ‘next’ and then ‘finish’ in the following windows. The Peage printer should now be available to you, for example as ‘RU Print on’ in Word, illustrated below.

Peage win7 s5.png

The printer can be found on the left of the entrance hall (ground floor):

Peage win7 s6.png (be sure not to forget your student card)

(be sure not to forget your student card)

At the printer, a page asking for credentials will be shown. Don't enter anything, but scan your student card. The password field will now be highlighted. Enter the PIN you set for your Peage account and confirm.

A list of your jobs will be shown. Select the job you wish to print and click print on the left. Do not forget to logout when you are done.

Adding the printer on a Macintosh

Peage does not support the native printing method for Macintoshes (Cups or IPP printing). There is a 'Workaround' that uses 'Windows Printing'. The procedure does not allow for errors, when making an error you will have to delete the printer and start all over again, which is not very user friendly.

  • Open “System Preferences”, select “Print & Fax”
 MacOS printing smb printer1.png
  • Press the ”+” button, it will open the “Printer Browser”
  • Click in the Toolbar on "Advanced" (if unavailable: right click on the menu en choose "Customize Toolbar... ", drag the "Advanced" icon into the Toolbar)
 MacOS printing smb printer2a.png
  • Enter requested data:
    • Type: Windows
    • URL: smb://
    • Device: Another Device
    • Name: RicohMP5000
    • Location: HG00.038
    • Print Using: Ricoh MP 5000 PS or, in case the driver can not be found, Generic postscript Printer.
 MacOS printing smb printer3.png
  • Click “Add”.

Whenever trying to use this printer the message 'On Hold (Authentication required)' is reported in 'RicohMP5000' printer job list.
Click on 'Resume'. A dialog requesting your credential will pop up.
Provide your U/S/E number, preceded by your domain, e.g. 'ru\u123456' or 'b-fac\science-account' and supply the corresponding password.

 MacOS printing smb printer4a.png

Adding the printer on a Linux PC

Peage does not support the native printing method for Linux (Cups or IPP printing). There is a 'Workaround' that uses 'Windows Printing'. Below a short decription how to install the printer on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). This procedure might work for other recent Linux systems using the Gnome Desktop.

  • In the top menu go via "System" to "Administration" and click on "Printing“
 Linux printing smb printer.png
  • Click above the field with printers on the "Add" button
  • A window "New Printer" emerges, select "Network Printer" and then "Windows Printer via SAMBA"
  • On the right side you can provide required data
    • SMB Printer: smb://
    • Authentication: Prompt user if authentication is required
 Linux new smb printer.png
  • Klik op "Forward"
  • A search for drivers is performed. In the next window you have to choose the printer brand: Ricoh
  • Click on "Forward". Now choose the printer type: on the left side Aficio MP 5000 and on the right side the apropriate driver
  • Click op "Forward". Provide the extra data:
    • Printer Name: RicohMP5000
    • Description: Ricoh Aficio MP 5000
    • Location: HG00.038
 Linux add smb printer.png
  • Click on "Apply" en select "No" on the question "Would you like to print a test page?"

As soon as you use the printer, a window will pop up showing the message 'Authentication is required to print ...' and also asking for your credentials.
At "Username" type your U/S/E number, preceded by your domain, eg 'ru\u123456' or 'b-fac\science-account' and at "Password" your password,

 Linux provide credentials smb printer.png

Budget status and history

By logging in at the accounting server website with the user credentials as above, one can view the current balance of the budget. The budget history can be seen after clicking on 'Statement', one then gets something like this:

User account statement
Reporting period 8-9-2010 to 7-10-2010

s0123456        Test Student
Opening Balance:  0,00
Color quota     unlimited
Date                Type      User ID      Description                Pages   Credit    Debit
24-9-2010 11:13     adj                    test account                        10,00     0,00
6-10-2010 17:47     print     s0123456     Microsoft Word - Document1     3     0,00     0,10
6-10-2010 17:48     print     s0123456     Microsoft Word - Verslag      10     0,00     0,40
7-10-2010 10:14     print     s0123456     Microsoft Word - Opgave2       3     0,00     0,10
7-10-2010 15:18     copy      s0123456     Copying  	                  1  	0,00  	 0,04
                                                                         17    10,00     0,64
Closing Balance:     9,36