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Paperless meetings with Android tablets

The reason for writing this page is that the FGV will try paperless meetings starting September 1, 2015. For the main settings of an Android tablet or phone, see the Android page. Below we deal especially with the topics that are of interest for paperless meetings: an app for synchronizing the meeting documents to the tablet and one for annotating PDF files. Finally we describe how the annotated files can be synchronized to a backed-up disk.

First things for the FGV


  • Android tablet of telefoon, die met een netwerk zoals Eduroam verbonden is.
  • [[Login|Science-login], dat door het Faculteitsbureau lid is gemaakt van de groep "fgv".
  • Science VPN ingesteld en verbonden.


  • Android tablet or smartphone, connected to a network, e.g. Eduroam.
  • Science account, that has been made member of the group "fgv" by the Faculty Bureau.
  • Science VPN correctly setup and connected.

Synchronizing from and to a network drive

FolderSync (free with advertising: FolderSync Lite) is an app to synchronize e.g. meeting documents automatically from a network share to the tablet. With the same app, annotated documents can be synced to a backed-up place (sub-folder in the home directory). There are alternative apps: SyncMe Wireless.

Setting up FolderSync works like this:

  • Start FolderSync, press "Create New Sync" at the bottom of the screen, give it a name and press "Next".


  • Press Add Account and select SMB/CIFS as Account Type:


  • Give it a unique name, fill in the Connection and Login data and press Save:


  • Press "Folder pairs" in the main screen:


  • Press the green "+" in the lower right corner to add a folder pair and fill in Unique name, Account, Sync type, Remote folder, Local folder and Scheduling:


  • Choose the source folder that you want to synchronize to your tablet:

Screenshot 2015-05-12-16-51-01-FolderSync-bronmap.png

  • Choose also the local target folder where the files will be synchronized to:

Screenshot 2015-05-12-16-58-38-FolderSync-synchronisatie-mappen.png

  • Choose at "Scheduling" how often synchronization will take place and press Save:

Screenshot 2015-05-12-16-59-55-FolderSync-synchronisatie-instellen.png

  • By pressing "Sync", the synchronization is started manually:


Annotation of PDF files

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Science mail

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Exchange (ISC)

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