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Origin by Originlab is scientific graphing and data analysis software.


A number of departments in the Faculty of Science have bought shares in the network license that C&CZ has arranged for the use of OriginPro. When one has bought a share, one can get the software and installation/licensing keys of OriginPro from C&CZ system administration.

The network license can only be used by computers on the Internet. For standalone use, there are home-use licenses included. The license costs for 1 user are between 50 and 100 €/year, depending on the total amount of shared licenses. The current contract ends August 2020.

When a department regularly uses OriginPro without yet having bought a share in the license, one should contact Astrid Linssen. The use of OriginPro is logged on the license server.

OriginPro is available on the MS-Windows machines managed by C&CZ.