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Archived news items can be found in the news archive.

Subversion hosting door C&CZ

Are you developing software? Do you write code? You've probalby created some zip files of working versions to fall back to. Sounds familiar? You can now use the Subversion service of C&CZ. Subversion supports you with versioning of source code files. Using Subversion, progress becomes visible and there's allways an 'undo button'. Ultimately, it's a nice way to manage any kind of collaborative work where multiple individuals are editing the same files. The Subversion service is available for people with a science account. Repository access is also possible for people from ouside the faculty.

bram 28 sep 2011 17:16 (CEST)

Customer afternoon GDI, CIM and UCI

The IT User Service Group (GDI), the department Concern Information Management (CIM) and the University IT Centre (UCI) organize a common customer afternoon on Thursday October 20, 14.00-17.00 hours in the Mohrmanzaal (Aula, Comeniuslaan 2). Project leaders and other RU-experts will talk about recent developments w.r.t. digitization of documents on campus, the inclusion of personal particulars in concern systems, the e-mail- and calendar system Share and the facility management information system Planon. You can register for the event (before October 1) by sending an e-mail to the UCI secretariat or call them (17999).

Caspar Terheggen 28 sep 2011 13:38 (CEST)

Ru-wlan aanpassingen

The ru-wlan wireless network can now also be used with a Science account, using Starting October 3, 2011, the UCI is switching off direct peer-to-peer traffic between wireless client, at first outside the Huygens building. This will improve the security of the network.

Marcel Kuppens 20 sep 2011 15:51 (CEST)

Reference Manager license terminated end 2011

Many years the UMCN has had a license for the use of Reference Manager within RU and UMCN. Some employees within the Faculty of Science used this, instead of the RU standard EndNote. At the end of 2011, the UMCN terminates the license for Reference Manager, it has switched to EndNote. More information about the switch to EndNote can be found on the University Library website.

Peter van Campen 19 sep 2011 17:41 (CEST) mail-addresses removed

All users with a @* email address, which almost always is used only to forward the mail to a @* address, received almost two months ago an email that these addresses would be removed today. Today all @* have been removed, with a temporary exception for departments that have not been able to get externally registered addresses changed. This removal of @* email addresses has been coordinated between the administrators of email servers at Radboud University.

Peter van Campen 16 sep 2011 13:11 (CEST)

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web/Design Premium

The most recent version of the Adobe Creative Suite Design/Web Premium Bundle, 5.5, is available for MS-Windows and Mac OS X. It can be found on the Install network share and can also be borrowed. The license permits use on university computers and also home use by employees. One can also order the DVD's on Surfspot.

Peter van Campen 14 sep 2011 11:11 (CEST)

Intro ICT services for new students

In the first (introductory) week of the new college year a presentation is given about the facultary ICT services, Blackboard, and the student portal. These presentations are now online.

Caspar Terheggen 1 sep 2011 17:14 (CEST)

PC's computer labs: more, new and Ubuntu

The page about the computer labs lists all details about the PC's in the computer labs. The most important changes are:

  • All PC's have been reinstalled during the summer break.
  • All PC's now are dual-boot Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP. Fedora Linux is no longer available in these labs.
  • In TK075 66 new PC's have been installed during the summer break.
  • The new lab TK137 has been created with 49 PC's from other labs.

Wim Janssen 29 aug 2011 17:59 (CEST)

HP Battery Pack Safety Recall

Earlier this year HP has issued a Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement Program notice regarding a number of notebook models which were shipped with battery packs which have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. The list of affected models also includes a number of Compaq products. According to the HP notice the easiest way to validate your battery is to visit the HP Notebook PC Battery Replacement Program website. The Recall notice states that if your battery is affected, HP will provide a free replacement battery pack.

Caspar Terheggen 29 aug 2011 16:58 (CEST)

Blackboard FAQ

Blackboard FAQ

Pauline Berens 16 jun 2011 09:17 (UTC)

RU password reset for employees

With your U-number (personnel number) and RU-password you can login to RU webapplications. Probably you know you can ask for a password reset via C&CZ in case you loose your RU-password. Please bring your peronnel pass or other id in that case. Are you also aware of the possibility to get an activationcode by sms? To enable this functionality, please once register two questions at More info on and We strongly recommend this do-it-yourself method.

Pauline Berens 15 jun 2011 12:19 (UTC)

Removing old addresses helps block spam!

The last few days some users receive more spam than normally. In many cases the spam has been sent to an old email-address. On the Do It Yourself website you can see what old addresses you still have. If you send a mail to with the list of addresses you want removed, that can make a big difference for you. A plan is being made to remove all addresses, but maybe you would like your old addresses to be removed sooner.

Peter van Campen 11 jun 2011 17:41 (UTC)

IT Security Campaign at the Faculty of Science

In April, May and June, C&CZ, GDI and UCI carry out an IT security campaign throughout Radboud University. During the campaign, extra attention will be paid to matters such as security software, keeping all software up-to-date, using Blackboard more secure, how to choose a safe password, how to use USB-sticks securely and 'phishing'. The campaign at the Faculty of Science started on Monday, May 23. On the RU IT security site you can find much more information about IT security. Everything under the motto: RU Secure!

Peter van Campen 25 mei 2011 09:49 (UTC)

F-Secure security software, free for home use too!

Some employees and students may be unaware that the F-Secure security software can be used freely, also at home. License codes for F-Secure can be found on Radboudnet.

Peter van Campen 25 mei 2011 13:36 (UTC)

USB-sticks causing infections

Many PC infections occur because the malware on a USB-stick is automatically started when you connect it to the PC, resulting in an infected PC. You can prevent this from happening by disabling the ‘autorun’-option on the PC.

Ben Polman 25 mei 2011 13:57 (UTC)


Sometimes even university staff and students are tricked into replying to a phishing email: you receive an email that looks like someone from support asks to reply with your password, to prevent your email account from being blocked. Never reply to these fake senders! Support personnel would never ask you for your password!

Peter van Campen 25 mei 2011 14:56 (UTC)

Lock screen when leaving the room!

Leaving your office for a few minutes? Then make sure to have your screen locked! If you leave your computer unattended (using no screensaver with password protection) and your room hasn't been locked, there is a chance that the data on your PC could be compromised, or that illegal actions could be carried out by someone. During the campaign, we will devote extra attention to unattended PC’s. You might be surprised to find a 'static' sticker on your monitor. You can turn on screen lock on a Windows computer by pressing the Windows and the L-button simultaneously.

Peter van Campen 25 mei 2011 15:44 (UTC)

Security Quiz

If you want to know how smart you are w.r.t. IT-security, the Security Quiz of Canadian Wilfrid Laurier University can help. Can you get a 100% score there? A quiz with direct feedback can be found at George Mason University, USA.

Peter van Campen 25 mei 2011 16:07 (UTC)

Virus scanning software on Install share

During the IT security campaign, USB sticks with virus scanning software and playing cards of Cybersave Yourself have been distributed. The virusscanner software of the USB-stick has been copied to the Install share.

Peter van Campen 31 mei 2011 12:37 (UTC)

Spamming PC's noticed faster

CERT-RU, that coordinates RU IT-security incidents, regularly receives reports about PC's that are distributing spam mail. Often these have been noticed by Senderbase, because the daily mail volume has been much larger than the monthly average. The routers at the Science Faculty log the initialization of an SMTP-connection outside Radboud University. Therefore spamming PC's often already have been cleaned when CERT-RU gets noticed by an outside party.

Marcel Kuppens 26 mei 2011 21:21 (UTC)

Changes in IT services

On September 1, 2009 GDI (Gebruikersdienst ICT) was formed by combining the former Computer Support Groups (COG's) of the various faculties and clusters of our university. Because of the special role of IT for FNWI, C&CZ continued to exist as the IT service group for FNWI.

Based on a formal decision of the Executive Board all standard Windows workstations and student PC's campus wide will be transferred to GDI. C&CZ will remain responsible for all other IT services in this faculty. At the moment GDI is preparing the transfer of the Windows workstations of the service departments as well as all course PC's. Users will be informed in time about the consequences of these changes. Until the takeover, which will take place in steps, C&CZ will remain responsible for all IT services for FNWI and will remain reachable through the well known channels.

Caspar Terheggen 15 apr 2011 16:07 (UTC)

New course scheduler in Blackboard

Advantages: better error handling and nicer layout.More...

Pauline Berens 22 feb 2011 14:59 (UTC)

Workstation Unlocker on student PCs

On all student PCs (study area, PC rooms, and the info PCs near the library) the Workstation Unlocker has been installed.

This software enables everyone to release a locked PC after a fixed timeout.

The user currently logged on to the PC will be logged off without the need to reboot the PC.

Information about this software can be found at

Wim Janssen 16 feb 2011 09:53 (UTC)

Ubuntu login server

In the process of gradually replacing Fedora by Ubuntu, there have been several Ubuntu clients and servers installed. One of these is an experimental Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) login server for general use.

The choice for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) has been made because of the L(ong) T(ime) S(upport), 3 years for desktops and 5 years for servers. This in contrast to approximately 1 year updates and support for Fedora. Software, commonly used within the faculty, is available.

More likely than not, packages or programs will be missing or work in slightly different ways than on a Fedora system. It's also possible that settings for Fedora might cause problems on the Ubuntu systems. Please do not hesitate to report problems. Regrettably, we cannot garantee that all problems can or will be solved immediately.

Wim Janssen 16 feb 2011 09:53 (UTC)

New names for Linux login servers

Currently the login servers are named (LInux LOgin server) and However, the actual machines have different names, and respectively. This leads to confusion with some of our users. To address this issue we will phase out and rename some machines.

The oldest server will be phased out no sooner than can take over. The current Fedora login server will be renamed to

The name lilo will eventually become an alias for the fastest login server and the name stitch will, for the time being, become an alias for lilo2. Whenever replacing login servers, new machine will receive a successive number, so lilo3, lilo4, etc.

Wim Janssen 16 feb 2011 09:53 (UTC)

Microsoft Office 2007

Currently the default office software on campus is Microsoft Office 2007. We tried to install this software on as many PC's as possible. If you still use an older version of Office then we would advise to install Microsoft Office 2007.

If your PC is owned by the university than you are allowed to use the campus license and you can borrow the software from our department or do the installation directly from the install disk (\\\install).

For privately owned PCs you can buy the software at a reduced price at Surfspot.

Wim Janssen 16 feb 2011 09:53 (UTC)

Windows print server

A new Windows 2008 printer server has been installed to support departemental printing. The server is named This server can support printing from Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). Printer drivers are automatically installed by connecting to the printer server and selecting the print queue.


  • Currently very little problems occurred


  • Only for standard, frequent installed, common available printers (HP LaserJet, Xerox, Ricoh)
  • Little protection against abuse
  • Cannot make use of the CnCZ print budget software, so no accounting or print budget facilities

This implies that only printers that are not publically available should be considered adding to this server. Please contact CnCZ to figure out if a printer is suitable for installation.

See Printers_en_printen for an explanation how to connect printers.

Wim Janssen 16 feb 2011 09:53 (UTC)

Quick start videos and manuals on Blackboard

To become handy in Blackboard 9.1., there're plenty of learning materials available. There's even a Blackboard organization run by Manfred te Grotenhuis, an FSW teacher, on assessments in Blackboard 9.1. Please let us know before the 18th of February 2011 in case you want to be enrolled in this organization. Teachers can send their u-number to

Pauline Berens 4 feb 2011 12:44 (UTC)

Information about service interruptions and maintenance

Feel free to use our new page Service Interruptions and Maintainance. Be quickly informed via the CPK mailinglist or the RSS feed. There's an archive containing Recent Service Interruptions as well.
Pauline Berens 26 jan 2011 15:25 (UTC)

Poor Blackboard performance? Use Firefox or IE8

The Grade Center can be slow, especially in courses in which lots of students are enrolled. We're working on installing Google Chrome.
Pauline Berens 26 jan 2011 15:25 (UTC)

Video recorded lectures: tips for teachers

  • Please repeat questions of students, because the microphone is closer to you than to them.
  • Please start every sheet in your Powerpoint presentation with text, not with an image. This improves searching for words in the Flash application.

Pauline Berens 26 jan 2011 15:25 (UTC)

Get more out of Blackboard: Evaluation tools

Did you see the tools to follow your students behaviour in your Blackboard course already? Please try Control Panel, Evaluation

  • Performance Dashboard: when did students last visit your Blackboard course?
  • Course Statistics: shows all students activity in your Blackboard-course
  • Early Warning System: sends you an email when a student fails an exam, might mis a deadline etc. Might come in handy!

Need some help? Feel free to mail the FNWI Blackboard Helpdesk

Pauline Berens 26 jan 2011 15:25 (UTC)

MS Office Visio and Project 2010

MS Office Visio and Project 2010 are available for computers owned by the Faculty of Science, in almost all versions: NL/UK and 32/64. Only Visio 32 NL is missing at this moment. The CD's are available on the install disc.

Peter van Campen 20 dec 2010 16:12 (UTC)

NL Language Pack for MS Office 2010 UK

The Language Packs for the 32- en 64-bits version of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 are available for computers owned by the Faculty of Science. The CD's can be borrowed and are available on the install disc.

Peter van Campen 20 dec 2010 12:46 (UTC)

C&CZ News feed for teachers about IT and education related subjects

This feed contains news for FNWI teachers about IT and education related subjects, especially E-learning and Blackboard.

Pauline Berens 9 dec 2010 10:04 (UTC)

Endnote X4 available

Endnote version X4 is available for MS-Windows and Macintosh. It can be installed on Windows from the install network disk. The CDs can also be borrowed by employees and students, for home use too. It will also be installed shortly on the Windows-XP Managed PCs.

Peter van Campen 6 dec 2010 15:35 (UTC)

New mail/calendar service Share

The UCI has developed a new combined mail and calendar service for the RU. The service called Share is based on the open standards product Zimbra. All RU students and a selection of RU employees are already using Share. Deployment of Share at FNWI depends on the migration of the FNWI Exchange accounts to Share. This migration in turn requires a number of shortcomings in Share to be resolved. At the moment it is unclear when Share will be available for FNWI.

Caspar Terheggen 20 nov 2010 20:05 (UTC)

Terena SSL certificates

For domain names registered through C&CZ a signed SSL certificate can be requested free of charge via a mail to postmaster. These certificates are signed by Terena, a Certificate Authority trusted automatically by all major browsers.

Caspar Terheggen 20 nov 2010 18:05 (UTC)

Matlab R2010b

The latest version of Matlab, R2010b, is available for departments that have bought licenses. The software and license codes can be acquired through a mail to postmaster.(/opt/matlab-R2009b/bin/matlab) The software can also be found on the install-disc. The C&CZ-managed 64-bit Linux machines have this version installed, an old version (/opt/matlab-R2009b/bin/matlab) is still available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will receive this version within a few days.

Ben Polman 19 nov 2010 17:28 (UTC)

MS Office, latest versions for campus use for Windows and Macintosh

The DVD of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 for Windows XP/Vista/7 NL/UK 32/64 and those of the UK and NL versions of MS Office for Mac 2011 are available for computers owned by the Faculty of Science. The DVD for Windows can be borrowed and is available on the install disc. The DVD's for Macintosh can be borrowed.

Peter van Campen 20 nov 2010 18:51 (UTC)

Videos Symposium IT and Education online

The videos (in Dutch) of all presentations of the IT & Education Symposium which was held on October 1, 2010 are recommended to all lecturers interested in educational reform. Contributors:
Drs. H.P.A.M. Geurts: Symposium Education-ICT Opening
Prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes: Chemical education in silico
Prof. dr. S.E. Speller: An STM for everybody (STM=Scanning Tunneling Microscope)
Dr. E.S. Pierson: Virtual Classroom Biology: the springboard impact
Dr. T.F. Oostendorp: ECGSIM (ECGSIM = Electro CardioGram SIMulation)
Prof. dr. E. Barendsen: Wiki-technology and cooperative learning

Pauline Berens 11 okt 2010 12:35 (UTC)

New Blackboard version

There is a new version of Blackboard. Furthermore the Blackboard page in the C&CZ wiki was renewed and there is a new Blackboard maintainer for the Faculty.

Pauline Berens 11 okt 2010 11:57 (UTC)

Blackboard and Course Videos

For "Onderwijs in Beeld" a new Flash player is in use with a number of useful additional features.

Pauline Berens 11 okt 2010 11:57 (UTC)

Blackboard and the Student Portal

The Student Portal will become the central daily entry point to RU web services for students. The portal shows, amongst other things, the most recent Blackboard announcements.

Pauline Berens 11 okt 2010 11:57 (UTC)

print_mail_to_link('_Science-mail_forwarded_to_', '')">New students: Science-mail forwarded to

In the first weeks of the new college year, mail sent to new students, has been forwarded to their Studielink address, because no address was available. Today, this forward has been changed to the address, because Biology otherwise could not send mail to all new students. If a new student wants to change the forwarding address, that can be done on the Do-It-Yourself website.

Ben Polman 23 sep 2010 16:23 (UTC)

Save settings on B-FAC PC's

If you want to save your user settings when logging in on the PC's in study landscape, computer labs, etc., you have to login to the Do-It-Yourself website and check in Profile: "Roaming profile for B-FAC domain". This makes logging in a bit slower, because all user settings have to be copied from a server. The advantage is that all user settings are saved when logging out. An example of such a user setting is the trust of all "" sites in the NoScript extension for Firefox, that is necessary to use e.g. Blackboard. New logins from now on will get a roaming profile in all domains.

Ben Polman 22 sep 2010 17:44 (UTC)

New head of department

November 1, 2010, Peter van Campen will go back to an administrator/developer function, the new head of C&CZ will be Caspar Terheggen.

Peter van Campen 22 sep 2010 13:44 (UTC)

Copy cards go away

The copy cards with a magnet strip, that can be used with the multifunctional copiers, will go away, starting in a few months. To print and copy in the future Peage-systeem, one needs a chip card and a network budget. In the near future the first multifunctional in this new system will be placed in the central hall of the Huygens building. The first few months this system can only be used by students, so the other Science-multifunctionals will be switched to this new system later. Departments are advised to keep less copy cards in stock.

Peter van Campen 22 sep 2010 09:06 (UTC)