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Lowering printing costs

Printing cost have been adjusted to agree with campus wide printing costs. Black&white- as well as color prints have become cheaper. Reason for this reduction in cost is the fact that the total number of pages printed exceeded expectations and the fixed costs for the printing infrastructure were smaller than calculated. See also our printing information page

Wim Janssen 24 mrt 2015 15:45 (CET)

Renewal Computer lab HG03.761

All PCs in computer lab HG03.761 have been replaced. There are 18 student PCs available, type HP EliteOne 800 G1 (All-in-One, i5-4570S Core, 2.9GHz, 8GB, 23 inch widescreen LCD monitor, sound), dual boot with Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). This computer lab should be available as of 25-03-2015.

Wim Janssen 24 mrt 2015 15:14 (CET)

Renewal WiFi network Huygens and Mercator 1

During the period between March 23th and April 20th 2015, the WiFi network (Eduroam and RU-guest) will be renewed in the Huygens building, its surroundings and in Mercator 1 (floors 0-4). All existing access points are going to be replaced by a new type and the number of access points will be expanded to increase the bandwidth, coverage and capacity. The work involved will be performed by JS Network Solutions, commissioned by the ISC and under the direction of the UVB. Although the employees of JS will work mainly in the corridor areas, access to some offices and/or labs is necessary, of course after consulting the residents, secretariats and lab-managers. The work will start in Huygens wing 1 towards wing 8 and will finish in Mercator 1. The renewal of the WiFi network in the other faculty buildings is expected to take place in 2016. For further information, please contact Marcel Kuppens.

Marcel Kuppens 17 mrt 2015 09:56 (CET)

Join us to create ScienceClips

We are looking for lecturers who would like to experiment with video for their lectures. On the ScienceClips website we have collected more information and some examples of the possibilities. Are you interested in creating a ScienceClip for your course or would you like to join the pilot project with your own concept/idea? Please contact Caspar Terheggen, C&CZ.

Caspar Terheggen 24 feb 2015 16:02 (CET)

PC labs upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 during summer break

During the summer break the operating system of all PCs in the PC labs will be upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04. This might have an effect on software used in courses. You can test your software on the login server lilo4, which is already running Ubuntu 14.04.

Wim Janssen 20 feb 2015 14:12 (CET)

IMAP mail server upgrade next monday night

  Begin         : 20150216 23:00
  End           : 20150217 07:30
  Affected      : all users wanting to read Science mail 

The IMAP server will be replaced by a new server next Monday night. During the night, no Science mail can be read from the server, because then the most recent mails will be synchronized to the new server. Mail can be sent in this period, but new mail will start being delivered on the new server from 07:30. A word of warning, one could login on the old server with the first 8 characters of the password, the new server only accepts the full password.

Ben Polman 13 feb 2015 14:25 (CET)

Save your SURFspot product safe before March 1!

SURFspot announced that the product safe will disappear in the transition to a new web shop platform. The product safe contains installation codes and download links of your download order(s). You need these data when you for example: - Still have credit facilities (for example you have purchased an antivirus for 5 PCs and only installed on 2 PCs yet). - Your computer crashes, you can reinstall the software with the information from your product safe.

Di you buy and download software from SurfSpot whose license has not expired? Follow the recommended steps (in Dutch).

Peter van Campen 13 feb 2015 14:02 (CET)

New service: GitLab version control

GitLab is available as a successor to our Subversion service. GitLab is an open source code collaboration platform, git repository manager, issue tracker and code reviewer. Students and employees of the faculty can register on with their Science login. It is possible to transfer projects from svn to GitLab.

Bram Daams 27 jan 2015 16:51 (CET)

Apple Mac-software: Office 2011 SP1 and ATLAS.ti

For Apple Macs there is a new (SP1) version of the Microsoft Office 2011 software and a first version of the ATLAS.ti Qualitative Data Analysis software available on the Install network share. License codes are available from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster. According to the site license, this software may be installed on all computers owned by the RU without additional costs. For home use of this software, staff and students can visit SurfSpot.

Peter van Campen 21 jan 2015 13:12 (CET)

Adobe Creative Cloud software

Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor to Creative Suite. The Adobe Creative Cloud software is available on the Install network share. License codes are available from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster. According to the site license, this Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise (Specified Apps Only Non-Video) may be installed on all computers owned by the RU without additional costs. For home use of this software, staff and students can visit SurfSpot. The software consists of the following components: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Muse Pro, Acrobat Pro, Bridge, Encore, Fireworks, Flash Builder Premium, InCopy, Media Encoder, Edge Animate, Edge Code (preview) and Edge Reflow (preview).

For a supplement of € 15.68 ex VAT per year per installation, one has the Adobe Institution Bundle (Add-On), with the packages: Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, Captivate and Presenter.

For a supplement of € 31.35 ex VAT per year per installation, one has the Upsell Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise (Add-On), with the packages: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Flash Professional, Lightroom, Prelude and SpeedGrade.

Peter van Campen 20 jan 2015 12:24 (CET)

Maple license continued as 5-user license

The license of Maple has been continued as a 5-user license. Of these, 4 are financed by the Faculty of Science departments EHEF and THEF. Because 1 license is paid by C&CZ, all FNWI employees and students are allowed to use Maple once in a while. If you want to use Maple more often, please contact C&CZ.

Ben Polman 16 jan 2015 15:39 (CET)

SURFdrive: safer than Dropbox

The ISC has announced that SURFdrive is available for RU employees. This gives a maximum of 100 GB of Dropbox-like storage for work-related files, that should not have the security classification critical or sensitive. Data is stored within Dutch borders, the users remain the owners of their own data, and SURF itself provides no information to third parties, which makes SURFdrive more secure than Dropbox. Earlier SURF made SURFfilesender available, with which you can send larger files more secure than with alternatives like WeTransfer.

Peter van Campen 15 jan 2015 00:04 (CET)

Maple license temporarily continued

The license of Maple has been temporarily continued with a 5 user license. This gives IMAPP and C&CZ some time to find other departments that are willing to contribute financially to such a license. This would cost 900 € per year excl. VAT. Interested? Please contact C&CZ.

Peter van Campen 14 jan 2015 23:37 (CET)

Euroglot 8 on Install network share, new license without home use

The most recent version (8) of the Euroglot translation software, is available on the Install network share. License codes, valid until January 1 2016, can be requested from the helpdesk. Home use has been removed from this license. For home use you can buy a private license relatively cheap at Surfspot.

Peter van Campen 5 jan 2015 16:57 (CET)

Total Vodafone coverage in Huygens with first Ericsson Radio Dot in the world

Coverage for mobile phones on the Vodafone network, as used for Vodafone Wireless Office has been extended to the basements and transport corridors of the Huygens building. This became possible, because Ericsson and Vodafone were interested in doing a pilot in the Huygens building with the first live enterprise deployment of the Radio Dot system worldwide. This is in addition to the distributed antenna system built in 2011, which was necessary because of the similarity of the Huygens building with a Faraday cage. This reminds some veterans of June 1987, when a pilot was carried out at the Faculty of Science by PTT (now KPN), Philips, SURF and the university with the first PABX with a large amount of data traffic in The Netherlands. This PABX is still in use for speech phone calls in the periphery of the Huygens building.

Bert Witte 17 dec 2014 23:58 (CET) and mail also accessible through Roundcube

During the weekend of November 12, 13 and 14, the ISC will move the mail of from the old RU Share service to the new RU Exchange service. This can be accessed with a browser via RU Exchange webmail, but also via C&CZ Roundcube webmail, by choosing in the drop-down menu. Advantages of Roundcube are that you can set multiple sender addresses (via Settings->Identities) and that the Science LDAP addressbook is available, which contains all Science staff and students. The RU Exchange AD address book has very little FNWI scientific staff. Furthermore Roundcube has a more powerful and modern interface independent of the browser used. You can also leave out the extra RU\ before the U- or S-number when logging in. A disadvantage w.r.t. the standard Outlook Web Access might be that Roundcube does not have calendar support, it is only an IMAP mailclient.

Peter van Campen 10 dec 2014 11:36 (CET)

Notice of change in Microsoft licenses as of 2015

The ISC let us know that by January 1, 2015 there will be a new licensing agreement with Microsoft through Surfmarket. The main difference appears to be that the license for Microsoft Office on Windows PCs owned by the University, will be followed by a license for Office 365 Plan E3 (formerly A3) for all RU staff. This will most likely mean that installing Office on Windows PCs and iPads/iPhones that are private property of RU staff will be possible under the license as of January 1, 2015. More information will follow in the first quarter of 2015.

Peter van Campen 25 nov 2014 14:57 (CET)

Again phishing mails: "WAARSCHUWING" by "Admin"

In the past few days, a dozen students and staff of the Faculty of Science fell for a phishing email again. In broken Dutch the email stated that the mailbox was almost full. The subject often was "WAARSCHUWING" and the sender called himself "Admin". The mail contained a link to a counterfeit Science webmail page hosted by , a provider of free websites. On this website everybody could read the login names and passwords of everybody who reacted to the phishing email. C&CZ has blocked these logins and asked the sysadmins of HelioHost to remove the website. Do not fall for phishing emails, it causes inconvenience to yourself and others!

Peter van Campen 25 nov 2014 14:52 (CET)

Disks xpsoftware and xpcursus renaming to software and cursus

The network shares xpsoftware and xpcursus, that many PC's use, have been renamed to software and cursus. The old names still work until Monday, January 5th 2015. These disks are also mounted as software share S-drive and course software share T-drive on PC's managed by C&CZ. Lecturers can manage their course software on the T-drive themselves.

Wim Janssen 14 nov 2014 12:51 (CET)

End of SHA-1 certificates

All SHA-1 certificates of C&CZ managed servers will be replaced by new SHA-2 certificates on short notice. This is necessary because SHA-1 is no longer considered secure enough for the future. The Chrome browser will display a warning as early as November 2014 at a website with a SHA-1 certificate, other browsers will follow later.

Ben Polman 13 nov 2014 12:03 (CET)

End of SSLv3 protocol

Because of vulnerabilities in the SSLv3 security protocol, C&CZ has switched off support for this protocol on all C&CZ managed web servers. A secure connection will thus use the successor protocol TLS. Browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox will each sooner or later stop supporting SSLv3. There is information on how to manually adjust settings to eliminate the vulnerabilities immediately. This can however lead to problems with websites that need SSLv3, such as BASS. P.S.: as of mid-December BASS can be used without SSLv3.

Peter van Campen 16 nov 2014 10:45 (CET)

Old aliases for mailserver will be removed December 1

C&CZ will remove the aliases for imap, imap-srv, imap-server, pop, pop-srv, pop-server, smtp, smtp-srv and smtp-server for domains cs , math, nmr, sci and theochem as of December 1. The automatic configuration of mailclients only uses and , as one should do when manually configuring a mailclient. Since the certificate of the mailserver is not valid for these old aliases, it raised security questions.

Peter van Campen 12 nov 2014 11:03 (CET)

Maple license terminated January 1, 2015

Because Maple is no longer used in the Faculty of Science education and the use has decreased, C&CZ intends to terminate the Maple license per January 1, 2015. Should this lead to problems, please contact C&CZ.

Ben Polman 28 okt 2014 13:38 (CEST)

Terminal server ts2 and print server drukker from NWI to B-FAC

Due to decommissioning of the NWI.RU.NL Active Directory domain, on November 16 the terminal server ts2 and the printer server for departmental printers drukker will be moved from NWI.RU.NL to B-FAC.RU.NL. This change is of consequence for logging on to the terminal server ts2 and for connecting to printers from the print server drukker.

If you are logging on to the terminal server ts2 using NWI\loginname, you will have to change this to B-FAC\loginname. In the case of the print server drukker, if connecting to printers using \\\printername, you have to change this to \\\printername. The easiest way to do this is to remove and reconnect the printer from the server.

Wim Janssen 28 okt 2014 14:57 (CET)

RadboudUMC directory for RU personnel

Radboud University personnel with a valid U-number and RU-password can also find the RadboudUMC directory in the RadboudUMC intranet. An overview of all directories is also available.

Bert Witte 17 okt 2014 14:14 (CEST)

Email addresses and passwords captured

The CERT-RU has sent a warning mail to the 600 mail addresses that were in the list of 1.3 million captured Dutch accounts. That mail address has apparently been used as a registration address in some website, that has been hacked. You must assume that passwords that have been used in such a hacked site are now known to Internet criminals. Therefore, you should never use that password anywhere again. Furthermore, everyone is advised to use different passwords for different websites/applications. Often you do not even have to remember these passwords, as they can be easily reset. In other cases, you can use a password vault such as KeePass, which is available for Windows, Apple, Android and Linux.

Peter van Campen 15 okt 2014 17:11 (CEST)

Matlab R2014b available

The latest version of Matlab, R2014b, is available for departments that have licenses. The software and license codes can be obtained through a mail to postmaster for those entitled to it. The software can also be found on the install-disc. The C&CZ-managed 64-bit Linux machines will soon have this version installed, an older version (/opt/matlab-R2014a/bin/matlab) is still available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will not receive a new version during the semester to prevent problems with version dependencies in current lectures.

Peter van Campen 10 okt 2014 18:15 (CEST)

Secure network for vulnerable pcs attached to equipment

Often PCs attached to expensive measuring equipment do not get software updates, because the risk is too high that afterwards there is a problem with the equipment. In those cases C&CZ network administration can help by isolating the PCs on a separate shielded network, with specific rules for the network traffic allowed to and from that network segment. It is possible to write data to a network drive, that can be read (but not written) from other locations. Also traffic to the C&CZ printer server can be allowed, so no local printer is necessary. Departments such as Microbiology, HFML and FELIX have been using this shield for years. A recent vulnerability that is a huge risk for for Linux systems without software updates, is Shellshock. Windows systems will be very vulnerable unless they have the Microsoft patches that are published on Patch Tuesday.

Peter van Campen 10 okt 2014 13:33 (CEST)

New version of OriginLab (9.1)

A new version (9.1) of OriginLab, software for scientific graphing and data analysis, can be found on the Install-disk. The license server has been upgraded to this version. Departments that take part in the license can request installation and license info from C&CZ, also for standalone use. Installation on C&CZ managed PCs still has to be planned. A new maintenance contract untill August 2017 has been signed with the supplier.

Ben Polman 10 okt 2014 13:08 (CEST)

Shakespeak: online voting and asking questions during presentations

As of today, Radboud University has a license to use Shakespeak. Shakespeak is a plugin for Powerpoint, which lets you add a question or vote to a slide. Students can give their votes or comments (Internet, Twitter and SMS) and the results are directly available in your presentation. More questions:

Fred Melssen 24 sep 2014 12:10 (CET)

Eduroam problems and site survey

There are again complaints about the wireless network Eduroam, with authentication as well as with coverage. In case of problems with RU authentication (, , ...) one can try the alternative To improve coverage in the Huygens building, Ronald Versteeg of JS Network Solutions will be measuring in the entire Huygens building for the next four weeks. For restricted access areas he will consult with C&CZ Network admins and/or the appropriate department.The ISC network department will base improvement plans on the results of that site survey.

C&CZ invites everyone to report problems with the wireless and wired network to

Marcel Kuppens 24 sep 2014 10:35 (CET)

New version of Mathematica (10.0)

A new version of Mathematica (10.0) has been installed on all C&CZ managed Linux systems. The installation files for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac can be found on the Install-disk. Departments that take part in the license can request installation and license info from C&CZ.

Ben Polman 19 sep 2014 17:57 (CEST)

Temporary computer lab in HG00.625/629

Due to the increased number of students, a new computer lab will be realized in HG00.625/629. This space becomes available through the relocation of FEZ to Mercator 1, fourth floor. Because no decision has been made about the final layout of wing 6, a temporary facility will be realized. There will be 42 student and one instructor PC, type HP EliteOne 800 G1 (All-in-One, i5-4570S Core, 2.9GHz, 8GB, 23 inch widescreen LCD monitor, sound), dual boot with Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). This computer lab should be ready early November.

John Peters 19 sep 2014 13:10 (CEST)

Disk and mail quota enlarged to 2 GB

The quota for the Science home directory / U:-disk has been enlarged to 2 GB. Also the Science mail quota have been enlarged to 2 GB for users with less quota. Please mail postmaster if you need more quota. This disk space on C&CZ servers is being backed up.

Bram Daams 19 sep 2014 12:39 (CEST)

Compute clusters today

With the purchase of a.o. a server with 3072 GB RAM by ICIS with funds from the RRF, the C&CZ-managed cn compute cluster has grown to 1324 cores and 7914 GB RAM. The Astrophysics coma cluster, with 320 cores, 240 TB fileserver storage, GPU's and fast Infiniband interconnect is a separate cluster. For more info, see the cn compute cluster page.

Ben Polman 19 sep 2014 11:22 (CET)

Intel compilers new version

C&CZ has bought two licences for concurrent use of the most recent version of the Intel Cluster Studio for Linux. This has been installed in /vol/opt/intelcompilers and is available on a.o. clusternodes en loginservers. The old (2011) version will also be moved to /vol/opt/intelcompilers. To set the environment variables correctly, users must first run:

source /vol/opt/intelcompilers/intel-2014/composerxe/bin/ intel64

After that, icc -V gives the new version number as output.

Ben Polman 20 aug 2014 17:42 (CET)

Loginserver lilo2 phased out

The five year old Linux loginserver lilo2 (Ubuntu 10.04) will be phased out shortly. All users are requested to switch to lilo3 (Ubuntu 12.04) or the recently announced lilo4 (Ubuntu 14.04). The names lilo and stitch always point to the two Linux loginservers recommended by C&CZ. .

Erik Joost Visser 20 aug 2014 15:38 (CEST)

Office 365 ProPlus almost free of charge for students

The ISC has informed us that Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is now available almost free of charge for RU students. There is only an administration fee of € 2,99 per year by]. See the Office365 page for all info.

Peter van Campen 20 aug 2014 14:41 (CEST)

Alarm mail for low printbudget adjustable by group owners

All print budget owners of a budgetgroup can now adjust the value of the budget at which automatically an alarm mail is sent to these owners. They can do that at the Do-It-Yourself website.

Bram Daams 10 jul 2014 17:49 (CEST)

Limit of number of groups increased drastically

The limit of the number of groups with whom one can share files on network discs, has been increased from 16 to 100. This historical problem in the design of NFS has been solved in modern versions of Linux.

Ben Polman 2 jul 2014 14:25 (CEST)

Old financial system FNWI switched off after eight years

With the introduction of BASS in 2006, it was decided to not take over data from the financial system of the Faculty of Science, Airbase. Because of tax liabilities and to make it possible to view details of old purchase orders, C&CZ had to keep these systems running until now. Because these systems have been phased out now, the DNS domain name, which still reminds of the Directorate B-Faculties of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, can also be removed.

Peter van Campen 20 jun 2014 12:25 (CEST)

Automatic mail when printbudget becomes too low

When the printbudget is not sufficient, print jobs are no longer processed. Because people do not always know quickly that this is the cause, C&CZ will send an email when the printbudget has become too low. For a personal budget the mail is sent to the personal email address. For a group budget the mail is sent to the owners of the budget group. Send a mail to postmaster if you want to be warned earlier. Please include the name of the budgetgroup and the value of the printbudget at which you want to receive a mail.

Ben Polman 20 jun 2014 10:59 (CEST)

Changes in study area and computer labs

After a renovation during the summer break, 28 new All-in-one (AIO) PCs will be added to the study area. The computer lab TK702, (HG02.702) will be vacated during this period.

John Peters 19 jun 2014 13:59 (CEST)

Ubuntu 14.04 on workstations

Employees who want Ubuntu 14.04 on their workstation, can contact C&CZ. Testing Ubuntu 14.04 is possible on the new login server The PCs in the computer labs and study area will keep on running Ubuntu 12.04 in 2014.

Erik Joost Visser 19 jun 2014 13:50 (CEST)

Printer queues can be viewed on Do It Yourself page

Viewing the combined queue of all printers is now possible on the DIY page of C&CZ. Until now, this was only possible using the command lpq on the C&CZ-managed Ubuntu Linux login servers and workstations. Now this is possible from all machines using a web browser.

Bram Daams 23 mei 2014 17:25 (CEST)

New print server

Practically all printers are now available through a new server. If you still attach a printer through the old "printer-srv", you will receive an email with the request to move to the new server, as detailed on the printer page. Please report all problems.

Wim Janssen 23 mei 2014 17:14 (CEST)

Test of Ubuntu 14.04 on Linux login server lilo4

As a test of the new version of Ubuntu, 14.04 LTS, we have installed a new login server In a few months it will replace the five year old login server lilo2. The name lilo, that always points to the newest/fastest login server, will then be moved from the two year old lilo3 to the new lilo4. The new lilo4 is a Dell PowerEdge R420 with 2 Xeon E5 2430L v2 processors with 6 cores. Because we enabled hyper-threading, it appears to have 24 processors. It has 32 GB of memory. For users who want to check the fingerprint of the public RSA key before supplying their Science-password to the new server: aa:ad:c0:2e:60:9d:d3:cd:ca:a4:59:7d:d0:d8:4c:68. Please report all problems with this new version of Ubuntu Linux.

Erik Joost Visser 20 mei 2014 17:02 (CEST)

Posters on canvas (for hand luggage)

It is now possible to print on canvas on the poster printer "Kamerbreed". Canvas prints can be folded to fit in the hand luggage. This can be an advantage over a poster print on photographic paper, to be carried in a large tube. The price for printing on canvas is 36 € per A0.

Stefan Reijgwart 16 mei 2014 12:15 (CET)