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Intel compilers new version

C&CZ has bought two licences for concurrent use of the most recent version of the Intel Cluster Studio for Linux. This has been installed in /vol/opt/intelcompilers and is available on a.o. clusternodes en loginservers. The old (2011) version will also be moved to /vol/opt/intelcompilers. To set the environment variables correctly, users must first run:

source /vol/opt/intelcompilers/intel-2014/composerxe/bin/ intel64

After that, icc -V gives the new version number as output.

Ben Polman 20 aug 2014 17:42 (CET)

Loginserver lilo2 phased out

The five year old Linux loginserver lilo2 (Ubuntu 10.04) will be phased out shortly. All users are requested to switch to lilo3 (Ubuntu 12.04) or the recently announced lilo4 (Ubuntu 14.04). The names lilo and stitch always point to the two Linux loginservers recommended by C&CZ. .

Erik Joost Visser 20 aug 2014 15:38 (CEST)

Office 365 ProPlus almost free of charge for students

The ISC has informed us that Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is now available almost free of charge for RU students. There is only an administration fee of € 2,99 per year by]. See the Office365 page for all info.

Peter van Campen (overleg) 20 aug 2014 14:41 (CEST)

Alarm mail for low printbudget adjustable by group owners

All print budget owners of a budgetgroup can now adjust the value of the budget at which automatically an alarm mail is sent to these owners. They can do that at the Do-It-Yourself website.

Bram Daams 10 jul 2014 17:49 (CEST)

Limit of number of groups increased drastically

The limit of the number of groups with whom one can share files on network discs, has been increased from 16 to 100. This historical problem in the design of NFS has been solved in modern versions of Linux.

Ben Polman 2 jul 2014 14:25 (CEST)

Old financial system FNWI switched off after eight years

With the introduction of BASS in 2006, it was decided to not take over data from the financial system of the Faculty of Science, Airbase. Because of tax liabilities and to make it possible to view details of old purchase orders, C&CZ had to keep these systems running until now. Because these systems have been phased out now, the DNS domain name, which still reminds of the Directorate B-Faculties of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, can also be removed.

Peter van Campen 20 jun 2014 12:25 (CEST)

Automatic mail when printbudget becomes too low

When the printbudget is not sufficient, print jobs are no longer processed. Because people do not always know quickly that this is the cause, C&CZ will send an email when the printbudget has become too low. For a personal budget the mail is sent to the personal email address. For a group budget the mail is sent to the owners of the budget group. Send a mail to postmaster if you want to be warned earlier. Please include the name of the budgetgroup and the value of the printbudget at which you want to receive a mail.

Ben Polman 20 jun 2014 10:59 (CEST)

Changes in study area and computer labs

After a renovation during the summer break, 28 new AIO PCs will be added to the study area. The computer lab TK702, (HG02.702) will be vacated during this period.

John Peters 19 jun 2014 13:59 (CEST)

Ubuntu 14.04 on workstations

Employees who want Ubuntu 14.04 on their workstation, can contact C&CZ. Testing Ubuntu 14.04 is possible on the new login server The PCs in the computer labs and study area will keep on running Ubuntu 12.04 in 2014.

Erik Joost Visser 19 jun 2014 13:50 (CEST)

Printer queues can be viewed on Do It Yourself page

Viewing the combined queue of all printers is now possible on the DIY page of C&CZ. Until now, this was only possible using the command lpq on the C&CZ-managed Ubuntu Linux login servers and workstations. Now this is possible from all machines using a web browser.

Bram Daams 23 mei 2014 17:25 (CEST)

New print server

Practically all printers are now available through a new server. If you still attach a printer through the old "printer-srv", you will receive an email with the request to move to the new server, as detailed on the printer page. Please report all problems.

Wim Janssen 23 mei 2014 17:14 (CEST)

Test of Ubuntu 14.04 on Linux login server lilo4

As a test of the new version of Ubuntu, 14.04 LTS, we have installed a new login server In a few months it will replace the five year old login server lilo2. The name lilo, that always points to the newest/fastest login server, will then be moved from the two year old lilo3 to the new lilo4. The new lilo4 is a Dell PowerEdge R420 with 2 Xeon E5 2430L v2 processors with 6 cores. Because we enabled hyper-threading, it appears to have 24 processors. It has 32 GB of memory. For users who want to check the fingerprint of the public RSA key before supplying their Science-password to the new server: aa:ad:c0:2e:60:9d:d3:cd:ca:a4:59:7d:d0:d8:4c:68. Please report all problems with this new version of Ubuntu Linux.

Erik Joost Visser 20 mei 2014 17:02 (CEST)

Posters on canvas (for hand luggage)

It is now possible to print on canvas on the poster printer "Kamerbreed". Canvas prints can be folded to fit in the hand luggage. This can be an advantage over a poster print on photographic paper, to be carried in a large tube. The price for printing on canvas is 36 € per A0.

Stefan Reijgwart 16 mei 2014 12:15 (CET)