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Archived news items can be found in the news archive.

print_mail_to_link('Extra_mail_address_Givenname.Surname', 'ru.nl_for_FNWI_staff')">Extra mail address for FNWI staff

In order to make it easier for FNWI employees to start using the RU central mail and calendar (Exchange), all ca. 900 FNWI employee who do not have an Exchange account yet (email addresses ending in e.g., will get an Exchange account on Tuesday, August 1. The corresponding email address is To prevent inconveniences from this action, all new Exchange accounts will get a "redirect" to the current Science address. As a result, you will not miss an email: you only get an extra address, that redirects all new mail to the existing address. If you want to read the mail in Exchange, you can turn off the "redirect" by logging in to with your U-number preceded by "RU\" and of course your RU password and then removing the check box in "Options -> Create an Inbox Rule" at "redirect all incoming". Sending new Science mail to Exchange can be turned on by visiting the [ Do-It-Yourself Site] and "forward" to the mail address. Take Note 1: if there is a redirect line in Exchange, Exchange will not forward mails with sender address the same as the forwarding address, in order to prevent mail loops. Take Note 2: Thunderbird users should install the add-on Lightning to be able to see and process Exchange calendar requests.

Peter van Campen 20 jul 2017 14:11 (CEST)

Sustainability: automatically switching off computers

If a department wants to switch off the C&CZ managed computers that are not currently in use after working hours and/or lunch break, then C&CZ can automate that. Please contact Postmaster. Since years already, the pc's in the computer labs, study landscape and Library of Science are being switched off after working hours and a few times per day when not in use. This mechanism is also used to automatically install the Windows and Ubuntu Linux updates during the night.

Erik Visser 18 jul 2017 15:41 (CEST)

New extended version of OriginLab (Pro, 2017, 9.4)

A new version (2017, 9.4) of OriginLab, software for scientific graphing and data analysis, can be found on the Install-disk. See the website of OriginLab for the extras in the Pro version.The license server has been upgraded to this version. Departments that take part in the license can request installation and license info from C&CZ, also for standalone use. Installation on C&CZ managed PCs still is being planned. Departments that want to start using OriginLab should contact C&CZ.

Peter van Campen 6 jul 2017 16:23 (CEST)

C&CZ reachable via Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal

If you do not have cellphone coverage, but do have an Internet connection, then you can reach C&CZ also via Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal on telefoon +31 6 15 35 26 77. The direct reason for this is that not in all wings of the Huygens building all mobile carriers have good coverage. However, the wireless Eduroam network has good coverae everywhere, which allows all staff and students to call C&CZ, independent of their mobile provider. Gradually, more providers will support Wi-Fi calling, which eliminates the need for an app like Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal for this purpose. Currently only Vodafone supports Wi-Fi calling, KPN has plans to introduce this in 2017.

Peter van Campen 22 jun 2017 17:43 (CEST)

National Instruments LabVIEW Spring 2017 on Install network share

To make it easier to install NI LabVIEW for departments that participate in the license, the newly arrived "Spring 2017" version has been copied to the Install network share. Install media can also be borrowed. License codes can be obtained from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster.

Ben Polman 22 jun 2017 16:59 (CEST)

ATLAS.ti new license key June 24

The ISC license manager let us know that the new license key of ATLAS.ti will be available starting June 24.

Peter van Campen 13 jun 2017 12:40 (CEST)

Departments can order card readers for Peage

The RU Facility Services (Facilitair Bedrijf) let us know that if a department wants to speed up the use of the Konica Minolta multifunctionals, a department can order a campus card reader for € 300,-. After that, a staff member only has to type the PIN (4 digits) and swipe the campus card to login, just like students do on the ground floor of the Huygens building. Because a new European tender is expected to be finished January 2018, this will only be of interest for very busy multifunctionals.

Peter van Campen 24 mei 2017 19:50 (CEST)

Eduroam within RU firewall again

The ISC moved the wireless Eduroam network back within the RU firewall on the evening of May 22. In December 2015 it had been moved outside of the RU firewall because of firewall performance issues. The new firewall that is in place since December 2016 can handle much more traffic, therefore this move could be planned.

Peter van Campen 24 mei 2017 19:32 (CEST)

Poster printer service kamerbreed more reliable

The A0 photo printer kamerbreed, that C&CZ acquired free of charge in May 2013, printed many posters for staff and students. Lately there were several breakdowns, that took quite long to repair. That's why we decided to buy a new one, with warranty contract. In case of calamities we can switch to the old one. We expect that that makes the poster print service a guaranteed service for the next years, where we will not have to redirect customers to the RU copyshop.

Stefan Reijgwart 24 mei 2017 17:22 (CEST)

Linux Login servers: default Ubuntu 16.04

The support for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has ended on April 25th, 2017. Therefore we will turn off lilo3 with this version of Ubuntu on May 1st, 2017. The default login server ( will be redirected to lilo5 with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS remains available until support for this version ends in 2019.

Signatures lilo5:

2048 SHA256:VK8+B+OuT+n8JSjoy9uWYw5COb+cZ+01S/pWiAteEtA lilo5 (RSA)
256 SHA256:NeO+rdPufkFYEgLs6YMWPvMJzOBK9pNlxdjMJzK3OBY lilo5 (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:zViYANQchkRs6QNPSSoxOkVyA8Ixe7aZCvzcSQEZK7s lilo5 (ED25519)

Simon Oosthoek 1 mei 2017 10:30 (CEST)

ATLAS.ti 8 qualitative data analysis software

Version 8 of the ATLAS.ti qualitative data analysis software is available on the Install network share. License codes are available from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster. According to the Radboud educational license, this software may only be used for education and research.

Peter van Campen 28 apr 2017 13:17 (CEST)

Computer labs: upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 and renewal

During the summer break all computer labs will be (re)installed with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Since months ago one can test course software using the Ubuntu 16.04 loginserver lilo5. All four year old PCs in TK029 (HG00.029), TK206 (HG00.206), TK253 (HG02.253), library, study landscape, project rooms and college rooms will be replaced by new ones, (All-in-One, dual boot with Windows7 and Ubuntu 16.04 Linux).

John Peters 15 mrt 2017 18:35 (CEST)

Matlab R2017a available

The latest version of Matlab, R2017a, is available for departments that have licenses. The software and license codes can be obtained through a mail to postmaster for those entitled to it. The software can also be found on the install-disc. All C&CZ-managed Linux machines will soon have this version installed, an older version (/opt/matlab-R2016b/bin/matlab) is still available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will not receive a new version during the semester to prevent problems with version dependencies in current lectures.

Peter van Campen 15 mrt 2017 15:08 (CET)

Science and RU-Internet network maintenance

Monday evening March 6, there will be maintenance on RU network equipment. Between ca. 22:00-22:30 no network traffic will be possible at the Faculty of Science on the wired and wireless networks. From 23:00 until March 7 02:00 there will be a period where no traffic between RU and Internet is possible. Please think which processes depend on network connectivity and prepare for this outage if necessary.

Marcel Kuppens 22 feb 2017 14:56 (CET)

New phone number 25225 (BLACK) for Blackboard support staff

Triggered by the arrival of the new employee Maarten de Meijer of the Education Centre, who will support Blackboard together with Fred Melssen, we decided to pick a new phone number for Blackboard support: (+31 24 36) 25225, that can be answered by both of them. The internal part of the number can be easily remembered, because it can be spelled as BLACK.

Fred Melssen 22 feb 2017 00:13 (CET)

New license period for Mathematica coming up

The current license period for Mathematica will end soon, departments interested in using Mathematica in the next contract period of 3 years can contact C&CZ.

Ben Polman 21 feb 2017 23:53 (CET)

MobaXterm in all RU study areas

The ISC installed MobaXterm in all their managed RU study areas. With MobaXterm, one can connect to Linux servers and use X11 graphics software. This was a request of students of the Faculty of Science, because the central library has more extended opening hours than the Library of Science.

Peter van Campen 21 feb 2017 17:14 (CET)

Science mail: HTML in ZIP-file attachments blocked to fight ransomware

Because of two cases of ransomware where files are encrypted and can only be decrypted after paying a ransom we decided to block ZIP-attachments containing HTML files in the Science mail virus filter. In that case one finds the mail without attachment in the Virus submap of the Inbox. In both cases of ransomware, we were able to restore the original files from backup.

Peter van Campen 21 feb 2017 17:11 (CET)

Eduweb: display of free and open source educational software

Together with StITPro, we have developed Eduweb, an overview page of Free and Open Source educational software. Some are in use and/or have been developed within the Faculty of Science, others at other educational institutions.

Simon Oosthoek 16 feb 2017 15:11 (CET)

Mentimeter for interactive presentations

Radboud University has a license for Mentimeter in the academic year 2016-2017. Possibly the license will be continued after that. Mentimeter is a tool to make a presentation interactive: listeners can vote anonymously with their phone, laptop or tablet on questions or statements. Feedback can be displayed immediately. Mentimeter resembles the older Shakespeak tool, but offers more functionality and is fully browser-oriented (does not work with a Powerpoint plugin like Shakespeak). Anyone with a mailadres within the RU domain can sign up.

Fred Melssen 19 jan 2017 18:18 (CET)

Close browser after "logging out" of SURFconext services like Edugroepen and SURFspot

Logging in to websites as Edugroepen, SURFspot, SURFdrive or SURFfilesender with U-number and RU-password, uses SURFconext. If you hit "Logout", you seem to be logged out, but the browser still has access. Within the browser, you or any other user can connect to any website with SURFconext authentication and will be automatically logged in. Therefore we strongly urge you to close the browser after using a SURFconext service, particularly when using a shared device or workstation.

Peter van Campen 19 jan 2017 18:01 (CET)

New servers for home directories

The home directory/U:-disc servers pile and bundle, that are more than four years old, are being replaced by new servers with the name home1 and home2. Moving the home directories (U:-discs) of users is scheduled outside of working hours. Special arrangements will be made for groups of users who would be troubled by this, e.g. having Outlook .pst files on the network or using the compute cluster. During the move, the minimal quota for the Science home directory / U:-disc is enlarged from 2 GB to 5 GB. Workstations/PCs might need a reboot if successful login to Ubuntu proves to be impossible.

Ben Polman 18 jan 2017 17:37 (CET)

Phasing out outdated password encryption

For security reasons C&CZ will phase out an outdated, now considered unsafe, encryption type of Science passwords. Accounts that haven't changed their passwords since September 1, 2014, will be affected. The change will be carried out mid Februari 2017.

If you haven't changed the password of your Science account for several years, it is very likely that some services still use the old encryption type. Examples of these services are passwords used to login to Linux machines, Eduroam access by using your Science account or the Science VPN server. To continue using these services, the old encryption has to be replaced. This can be done by resetting your Science password at the Do It Yourself site. The menu item 'password' allows you to set your password. This page also shows a remark about when your password was last changed.

Wim Janssen 18 jan 2017 14:37 (CET)

Do not fall for phone scam

Today we received messages from a few employees, that they had received cold phone calls from persons offering help with computer problems, or who told them that they could see everything the employee did on the computer. *Do not fall for this, do not answer their questions, do not take the actions they request.* In case of doubt, please refer them to C&CZ.

Peter van Campen 11 jan 2017 15:03 (CET)

Computer lab HG00.137 renewed

During the Christmas break all PCs in the computer lab TK137 (HG00.137) have been replaced by new ones, of the same type as with the previous replacement. These are Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO with 24-inch Full-HD screen, a Core i5 6500 (3.2GHz,QC) processor, 1x8GB memory, 512GB SSD hard disc and relatively quiet Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboards. For possible use with digital exams we have chosen the Dell Articulating Stand.

John Peters 9 jan 2017 11:15 (CEST)

Donation to free and open source software

For the majority of the services C&CZ uses free software and open source software. Therefore, some time ago the idea emerged that the C&CZ employees would vote on which projects would receive a donation of C&CZ. This year the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Limesurvey were chosen. The FSF supports GNU/Linux, which is used on almost all servers maintained by C&CZ and on many hundreds of workstations, including the computer labs. LimeSurvey is used for conducting surveys since 2008. Since the end of 2011, it is used for all ca. 500 course evaluations of the Faculty of Science per year. In addition, it is also used by departments (as PUC, ISIS and the Education Center) and individual employees and students of the Faculty of Science. For more info, see our LimeSurvey page.

Peter van Campen 16 dec 2016 16:30 (CET)

C&CZ 3D print service

Several departments within the Faculty of Science have a 3D printer for their own use. At the TeCe there are two 3D printers with different techniques, to produce parts for Science experiments. Now C&CZ starts a 3D print service for staff and students of the Faculty of Science, primarily meant for use in education. For more details, see the Printers page.

Stefan Reijgwart 16 dec 2016 16:15 (CET)

Study associations: printbudget to Peage?

If student groups that still have C&CZ print budget let C&CZ know before mid December to which Peage accounts the budget should be transfered, this can be finished before the end of 2016. After that, the only option is to transfer the money with a one-time payment order to a bank account, which is less efficient. All FNWI Konica Minolta MFPs within the C&CZ-printbudget system have been switched to Peage. The C&CZ printbudget system is now only used for the HP printer escher (Library of Science), the posterprinter kamerbreed and the C&CZ 3D print service.

Peter van Campen 8 dec 2016 18:03 (CET)

New OpenVPN alternative for old VPN that shuts down on Dec. 1

Because some Linux and MacOS users had problems with the new IPsec-based VPN and also with the existing alternatives, we setup a new OpenVPN service. The hope and expectation is that with this new service, we can shut down the old PPTP-based, which is no longer considered to be secure, on December 1 as earlier announced.

Erik Visser 23 nov 2016 13:53 (CET)

RU network down Monday night Dec. 12 22:00-03:00

The ISC let know that the central RU network will be down in the night of Monday December 12 22:00 till Tuesday morning 03:00 because the RU firewall will be replaced. From 22:00 hours RU-central services such as Exchange (e-mail and calendar), BASS, Osiris and Blackboard will not be available. From 23:00 hours no traffic through the RU firewall will be possible, the RU will then be disconnected from the Internet. Internal wired FNWI traffic will not be hindered. Internal and external telephony will not be hindered too. If there are serious objections to this maintenance for ongoing research, one can contact us.

Peter van Campen 23 nov 2016 13:02 (CET)

Test of Ubuntu 16.04 on Linux login server lilo5

As a test of the new version of Ubuntu, 16.04 LTS, we have installed a new login server In a few months it will replace the five year old login server lilo3. The name lilo, that always points to the newest/fastest login server, will then be moved from the two year old lilo4 to the new lilo5. The new lilo5 is a Dell PowerEdge R430 with 2 Xeon E5 2630L v4 processors with 10 cores. Because we enabled hyper-threading, it is showing 40 processors. It has 64 GB of memory. For users who want to check the identity of this new server before supplying their Science-password to the new server: ECDSA key fingerprint is 7d:08:27:61:ac:c8:f1:05:4f:c9:91:2a:83:e5:c3:4f. Please report all problems with this new version of Ubuntu Linux.

Ben Polman 22 nov 2014 17:16 (CET)

TeX Collection 2016 and TexWorks

The most recent version of the TeX Collection, 2016, is available for MS-Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It can be found on the Install network share. For Windows PC's this has been installed on the S:-drive in the directory texlive/2016. The graphical front-end TeXworks can be found in texlive/2016/bin/win32/texworks.exe.

Ben Polman 22 nov 2016 15:31 (CET)

Eduroam wifi code for guests

On the RU portal, RU staff can find a day code and phone number, with which they can give ther guests wifi access. Guests then use a separate part of the Eduroam wireless network. For more information, see the ISC website.

Peter van Campen 22 nov 2016 10:40 (CET)

Password hygiene: personal and not too old, just like a toothbrush

The RU has recently held a Treat your password like your toothbrush campaign. C&CZ too will act on old passwords: IT contacts will get a list of their users that have not changed their Science password in years. Old Science passwords do not have the most recent encryptions, therefore we would like to see them changed to remedy this. Even choosing a new Science password that is the same as the old one, helps to get rid of old password encryptions but please do choose a new password. Science passwords can be changed at the Do-It-Yourself website. When changing a password, please consider beforehand which (also private) devices will automatically keep on trying the old password, in order to prevent any inconvenience.

Peter van Campen 24 okt 2016 22:34 (CEST)

Matlab R2016b available

The latest version of Matlab, R2016b, is available for departments that have licenses. The software and license codes can be obtained through a mail to postmaster for those entitled to it. The software can also be found on the install-disc. All C&CZ-managed Linux machines will soon have this version installed, an older version (/opt/matlab-R2016a/bin/matlab) is still available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will not receive a new version during the semester to prevent problems with version dependencies in current lectures.

Peter van Campen 13 okt 2016 17:38 (CEST)

Idea for IT in education? Pilot projects get 7500 euro!

The new round of pilot projects IT in education has started. Closing date for applications is November 4, 2016. A teacher, student or member of support staff with an innovative idea can apply for a contribution of up to € 7500. More information about the conditions and the application form can be found at the IT in education (Dutch only) website on Radboudnet.

Fred Melssen 30 sep 2016 11:50 (CEST)

New version of Mathematica (11.0.0)

A new version of Mathematica (11.0.0) has been installed on all C&CZ managed Linux systems, older versions can still be found in /vol/mathematica. The installation files for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac can be found on the Install-disk, also for older versions of Mathematica. Departments that take part in the license can request installation and license info from C&CZ.

Peter van Campen 16 sep 2016 18:07 (CEST)

National Instruments LabVIEW Fall 2016 on Install network share

To make it easier to install NI LabVIEW for departments that participate in the license, the newly arrived "Fall 2016" version has been copied to the Install network share. Install media can also be borrowed. License codes can be obtained from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster.

Peter van Campen 7 sep 2016 18:18 (CEST)

New laptops Library of Science

23 laptops of the Library of Science laptop pool have been replaced by a new and faster model: HP EliteBook 850 G3. In particular, the SSD (solid state disk) and the full HD screen are a significant improvement over the old model. The other (46) old laptops will be in use for the time being.

John Peters 1 sep 2016 15:47 (CEST)