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=== [Nieuwe versie van Mediawiki][New version of Mediawiki] ===
=== [Nieuwe versie van Mediawiki][New version of Mediawiki] ===
[nl] Er is een nieuwe versie van [[:Categorie:Wiki|van Mediawiki]] (1.15.1), de software waar alle wikis van de Faculteit op draaien,
[nl] Er is een nieuwe versie van [[:Categorie:Wiki|Mediawiki]] (1.15.1), de software waar alle wikis van de Faculteit op draaien,
geïnstalleeerd. Tevens zijn de [[Geïnstalleerde_Mediawiki_Extensies|extensies]] bijgewerkt naar nieuwste versies.
geïnstalleeerd. Tevens zijn de [[Geïnstalleerde_Mediawiki_Extensies|extensies]] bijgewerkt naar nieuwste versies.
[en] The latest stable version of [[:Categorie:Wiki|of Mediawiki]] (1.15.1) has been installed, all wikis of the Science Faculty
[en] The latest stable version of [[:Categorie:Wiki|Mediawiki]] (1.15.1) has been installed, all wikis of the Science Faculty
are running on this version now. At the same time the  [[Geïnstalleerde_Mediawiki_Extensies|installed extensions]] have been upgraded.
are running on this version now. At the same time the  [[Geïnstalleerde_Mediawiki_Extensies|installed extensions]] have been upgraded.

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To be quickly informed about service interruptions one can subscribe to the CPK mailinglist.

Archived news items can be found in the news archive.


New version of Mediawiki

The latest stable version of Mediawiki (1.15.1) has been installed, all wikis of the Science Faculty are running on this version now. At the same time the installed extensions have been upgraded.

Ben Polman 26 aug 2009 09:38 (UTC)

New faster Ricoh printer/copier

The printer, scanner en copier Ricoh Aficio MP 5000 with the name watt is replaced by a faster B&W Ricoh Aficio MP 7000 with the name volta.

The address book of watt is largely copied to volta. Volta can only scan in B&W.

Ron Sommeling 17 aug 2009 07:10 (UTC)

Redundant fiber uplinks

From today all network switches in the Huygens building and other buildings at Toernooiveld are linked to the FNWI router by a second, redundant fiber uplink. This router consists of two linked autonomous switches at different locations. As result of this a defective fiber link or failing router switch will not instantly effect the existing network connections. Obviously an improved availability of the network services.

Marcel Kuppens 20 jul 2009 12:06 (CEST)

F-Secure license codes on Intranet

To make it easier to switch from McAfee to F-Secure the RU ICT security website lists all information on F-Secure software. After logging in with U- or S-number, the license codes are immediately available.

Peter van Campen 2 jul 2009 16:08 (CEST)

New wiki extension AWC Forum available

A new forum extension can now be used in all wikis, see the installed MediaWiki extensions on how to enable this extension.

Remco Aalbers 17 jun 2009 16:02 (CEST)

Free RSI prevention software

The free RSI prevention software Workrave is available on all C&CZ managed Windows pc's. If Workrave doesn't start automatically, one can start it with Start -> Programs -> Workrave. When one doesn't want Workrave to start automatically, one can go to Start->Programs->Startup and delete Workrave there.

Theo Neuij 17 jun 2009 14:26 (CEST)

Fast info pc's, also for non-Science users

A few days ago a column with four pc's has been placed in the central street of the Huygens building, next to the Library of Science. Students asked for pc's to look up information fast, IHZ ordered the design of the piece of furniture, C&CZ placed the pc's. New is that also non-Science users can login with credentials from a different domain than Science, e.g. in the RU-domain with s-number and KISS-password for a student. U-number and RU-password for an employee doesn't work (yet). In order to login fast, no roaming profiles are loaded for a user. Specific Science software and printing is not possible (yet).

Peter van Campen 16 jun 2009 17:11 (CEST)

C&CZ day out: July 8

The yearly day out of C&CZ is scheduled for July 8. C&CZ can be reached in case of serious disruptions of service.

Peter van Campen 16 jun 2009 16:07 (CEST)

McAfee stops, switch to F-Secure

The end date of the earlier announced license for McAfee security software, September 1, 2009, comes nearer! On the Windows Managed pc's McAfee is step by step being replaced by F-Secure, starting with PC-rooms and study landscape. Employees and students can also use The F-Secure Client Security software at home. It can be found on the install network disk. License codes can be requested from C&CZ. Adequate security is more than just a virus scanner, see e.g. the RU ICT-security website (in Dutch) on securing and cleaning a pc.

Wim Janssen 16 jun 2009 15:44 (CEST)

Software update: Maple 13

A new version (13) of Maple has been installed on Linux/Solaris. Early next week it will also be available on the Windows-XP Managed PCs. It can be installed on Windows from the install network disk, but the DVDs can also be borrowed by employees and students, for home use too.

Peter van Campen 12 jun 2009 17:55 (CEST)

SPSS 16 available on all linux systems

The statistical software package SPSS is now available on all linux systems.

Ben Polman 5 jun 2009 16:08 (CEST)

New version of Mathematica (7.0)

A new version of Mathematica (7.0) has been installed. The CDs can be borrowed by departments that take part in the license.

Ben Polman 27 mei 2009 16:54 (CEST)

Mathematica Player

Mathematica Player is installed in all terminal rooms, this enables you to play Mathematica notebooks. See the Wolfram website for more information.

Ben Polman 27 mei 2009 12:07 (CEST)

Different Surfnet SSL-certificates

One can/could acquire free SSL-certificates of Cybertrust through Surfnet. The contract period with Cybertrust ends 1-1-2010 and all certificates will become invalid 3 months later. Starting from July new certicates can be acquired from Comodo. See for more information. Advantages of comodo are wilcard certificates and private certificates. More information will follow as soon as the service is available.

Ben Polman 20 mei 2009 15:55 (CET)

Address book of Faculty of Science in Outlook/Thunderbird/Squirrel

It is very easy to find all mail addresses of staff and students in Outlook, Thunderbird and Squirrel using the LDAP address book.

Ben Polman 24 mrt 2009 13:50 (CET)

Van Dale dictionaries online

The UB has a license for the Van Dale dictionaries online. These can also be used at home.

Peter van Campen 20 mrt 2009 12:21 (CEST)

New version squirrel (webmail)

squirrel.science.ru.nl has been replaced by the latest version and has been moved to a new web server.

Ben Polman 20 feb 2009 16:54 (CET)

1234567890 seconds since The Epoch

Next Saturday February 14 at 00:31:30 local time the time counter that is commonly used in the Unix world, i.e. the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 UTC ('The Epoch'), reaches the pleasing value of 1234567890. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that in the early morning of January 19, 2038 the counter reaches the maximum value that can be stored in a 32 bit signed integer. Luckily there still is enough time to find a solution for this daunting challenge compared to which the Y2K problem was just a stroll in the park.

Caspar Terheggen 9 feb 2009 14:22 (CET)

Again power failure server room HG04.070

Saturday Jan 31 around 03:00h the power supply fire protection unit in the server room HG04.070 was activated again, which caused the immediate and complete power down of all servers in that room. This time as well no sensor had detected a temperature high enough to activate the protection unit.

There was no extra information available to determine a more definitive cause for the immediate 'Emergency Stop' of the UPS unit.

To prevent a new faulty fire alarm event, only one (1) temporary, mechanical temperature switch, can activate the UPS 'Emergency Stop'.

The complete fire alarm power switching unit with 4 temperature senors has been disconnected from the UPS 'Emergency Stop'. This system is still working and is still connected to and monitored by the building alarm system.

It has been discovered that every door entrance has a fire-key-switch, directly connected to the UPS 'Emergency Stop'. These switches were not connected to the building alarm system. The switches are now disconnected from the UPS 'Emergency Stop' and are now connected to and monitored by the building alarm system.

This setup ensures that:

  • there still is a working fire power protection unit, be it with a only one slow sensor at one place (near the hot spot).
  • a failure in the old circuit of the door switches will be detected, but cannot cause a UPS 'Emergency Stop'.
  • it will be clear when an UPS internal problem is the cause of an UPS 'Emergency Stop'.

Depending on future alarms, new information will come available to explain power failures and their causes.

It is agreed that the current situation will remain in place for at least two months unless an alarm occurs.

Jos Alsters 9 feb 2009 12:31 (CET)

Software licenses for employees and students of RU

Because there are many licenses for software, with different usage rules for employees, students, on campus and at home, the UCI published a (Dutch) news article about ordering software. A lot of information about software (licenses) can also be found through the C&CZ software page, e.g. about software for computers running Microsoft Windows.

Peter van Campen 6 feb 2009 13:15 (CET)

Computer lab usage available again

The computer lab usage is being monitored again. Cacti is used as graphing tool for the data that are gathered with SNMP.

Wim Janssen 2 feb 2009 21:09 (CET)

PC rooms upgraded

The last weeks almost all older PC rooms have had an upgrade. These PCs now have at least 1 GB of memory and a better MS Windows (WDS) installation. Exceptions are the too old PCs in TK702 (TK-GIS, HG02.702) and the "self study rooms" (HG00.2xx).

Theo Neuij 6 feb 2009 11:06 (CET)

Power failure server room HG04.070

January 20, around 10:45h, the power supply fire protection unit in the server room HG04.070 was activated, which caused an immediate and complete power down of all servers in that room.

Through bypassing the protection unit, power could be switched on again, first partially and fully functional again about 12:00h.

Then the fixing hardware and software problems resulting from the immediate shutdown could be started. This took several hours for some systems. Work on the student file server lasted until the morning of January 21.

Around 18:00h the protection unit was activated again with a larger margin for the room temperature.

Jos Alsters 21 jan 2009 13:49 (CET)

Department contacts instead of first line contact (person)

The title "first line contact (person)" for contacts for C&CZ in the departments of the Faculty of Science was often misinterpreted by people elsewhere because the term "first line support" in general is associated with the ICT support groups. Therefore on the C&CZ wiki the term "department contact" is now used instead.

Caspar Terheggen 16 jan 2009 14:39 (CET)

Firefox: new version with NoScript security

On all managed pc's the latest version of Firefox has been installed including the NoScript plugin. NoScript initially forbids execution of all scripts on a webpage. Per website one can decide to allow scripts temporarily or permanent. This is an excellent tool to minimize the risks of using websites.

Ben Polman 23 dec 2008 10:20 (CET)

Tracelab: ordering and keeping track of chemicals

Due to ever more stringent rules for ordering and keeping track of chemicals, the intention is to only order chemicals through Tracelab from January 1, 2009 and therefore reject orders for chemicals that are directly entered into BASS Finlog. This holds for all units of the Faculty of Science (in the Research Tower as well) and for all users who are located in the buildings of the Faculty of Science (hence also the spin-offs).

Kees Keijzers 9 dec 2008 16:38 (CET)

HP4350 printers to departments?

A number of HP4350 double-sided black and white Postscript printers that are located next to a new Ricoh multifunctional machine, can be moved or sold to departments. Interested? Contact C&CZ!

Ron Sommeling 9 dec 2008 15:24 (CET)

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web/Design Premium

On Surfspot the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design/Web Premium Bundle for home use by employees can be bought for € 40, for MS-Windows and for Apple Mac. The products for use within the university have been ordered and will be available soon.

Caspar Terheggen 9 dec 2008 13:47 (CET)

Matlab new version (R2008b)

Starting December 2008 a new version (R2008b) of Matlab is available. The license server has already been upgraded. Very soon it will be available on all C&CZ managed PCs with Linux or Windows. For more information about this release, see the Mathworks website

Ben Polman 9 dec 2008 08:29 (CET)

C&CZ (half) day off

Wednesday December 17 from 14:00 hours, C&CZ will have their (half) day out. In case of emergencies C&CZ can even then be contacted by phone.

Peter van Campen 8 dec 2008 23:46 (CET)

General remarks/warnings about printing

On the page Printers and printing the following remarks/warnings have been added:

  • Do not make lots of copies without testing in advance.
  • Do not use Adobe Acrobat 8 to print to an HP4250/4350 printer.
  • Do not use a color printer for black&white prints of a color file.

Ron Sommeling 18 nov 2008 13:40 (CET)

Surfnet Usenet News service alternative

The UCI announces an alternative for the Surfnet Usenet News service that ended in July: the Hitnews newsgroups. Through SurfSpot it costs 40 euro/year.

Peter van Campen 28 okt 2008 16:49 (CET)

McAfee license stops, F-Secure license starts

The RU ICT Overleg (RIO) decided that the RU transitions from McAfee to F-Secure for PC security before September 1, 2009. The F-Secure Client Security software has been placed on the install network disk. License codes can be requested from C&CZ.

Peter van Campen 14 okt 2008 18:10 (CEST)

Outgoing mail spamfiltered

As of today mail which is recognized by the Science spamfilter as being spam is not sent to external mailservers anymore, but saved to a central quarantine folder. This change in the behaviour of the Science mailservers was necessary because those servers otherwise ended up in a blacklist. The forwarding of incoming mail thus gives a filtered mail feed from now on.

Jos Alsters 14 okt 2008 17:40 (CEST)

Ricoh copiers/printers

Because the Ricoh copiers/printers have been used for half a year now and soon a new machine will be bought, C&CZ likes to hear wishes/problems from within the Faculty of Science. Please address these to the C&CZ helpdesk.

Theo Neuij 10 okt 2008 15:35 (CEST)

Phone Guide RU updated automatically

The interface between the Science phone guide and the RU Relation Management System (RBS) and through that with the phone guide is working now. That means that the guides will automatically be updated when the telefone contact person (usually the secretary) of a department within the Science Faculty logs into and updates the Science Phone Guide website. In the Science Phone Guide one can also enter information of labs, elevators, secretariats etc., only the data for a U-number will end up in RBS. For more information see the Telephony page.

Bert Witte 9 okt 2008 17:49 (CEST)

Network maintenance connection RU-UMCN September 22 18:00-22:00

September 22 between 18:00-22:00 hours the network connection between RU and UMCN St. Radboud will be upgraded to 1 Gigabit per second, which will cause problems withthat connection during that time period.

Peter van Campen 10 sep 2008 15:49 (CEST)

Reporting repairs/problems through the helpdesk website

Since a few months several employees and students use the C&CZ helpdesk website to request repairs and report other problems. One has to login on the website with the Science login name. Advantages are that if the machine is known, like with a Managed Workplace PC, one doesn't need to fill in serial numbers and that one can follow the actions for the repair through the website.

Theo Neuij 3 sep 2008 17:20 (CEST)

Causing trouble for colleagues by reacting to phishing mail (mail asking for password)

A week ago a too naive colleague reacted to a phishing mail by sending his loginname and password. Soon after that loginname was misused to send large amounts of spam through our webmail server, which lead to the appearance of one of our servers in a blacklist. That made it impossible for that server to send mail to some organisations. C&CZ likes to stress *again* that it is not very wise to believe something just because is written in a letter or e-mail and that *no official institution* will ever ask you for your password, just like a bank never will ask you for your pincode for your bank account.

Peter van Campen 3 sep 2008 12:23 (CEST)

H:-disk of students moved and enlarged

Because of the new computer lab TK023 with dual-boot Windows/Linux PC's, the H:-disks (home directories under Linux/Unix) of students have been moved to a new server. This made it also possible to enlarge the quota on that disk to 1 GB per student.

Wim Janssen 3 sep 2008 11:53 (CEST)

New computer lab TK023

A new computer lab TK023 (HG00.023) is available, with 41 modern PC's with big 24" screens with high resolution. For C&CZ this is a new type: the user can boot Windows-XP as well as Fedora Linux. Such a dual- or multi-boot PC is the standard for the future for the computer labs, with in the future almost certainly also Windows-Vista next to Windows-XP.

Wim Janssen 3 sep 2008 00:12 (CEST)

Opening hours C&CZ extended

C&CZ has extended the opening hours, our new opening hours are from 08:00 to 18:00.

Peter van Campen 2 sep 2008 17:24 (CEST)

Personnel changes at C&CZ

As of September 1, Kees Keijzers will mainly concern himself with leading the university project for the introduction of Syllabus Plus. Therefore he resigns as head of C&CZ, although he stays at C&CZ in the role of advisor. The new head of C&CZ is Peter van Campen. The vacancy within System Administration/Development is filled by Caspar Terheggen.

Peter van Campen 2 sep 2008 17:08 (CEST)

New version Endnote available

A CD of Endnote version X2 is available for MS-Windows, version X1 for Macintosh. It can be installed on Windows from the install network disk, but the CDs can also be borrowed by employees and students, for home use too. In a few weeks it will also be available on the Windows-XP Managed PCs.

Peter van Campen 27 aug 2008 10:37 (CEST)

Surfnet Usenet News service ended

As was announced in March, Surfnet ended the Usenet News service. The UCI news article on this subject lists a number of alternatives.

Peter van Campen 20 aug 2008 17:15 (CEST)

Critical security flaw in Adobe Acrobat t/m versie 8.1.2

Adobe Acrobat has a critical security flaw, all users of version 8 are recommended to update to version "8.1.2 Security Update 1". Since the site-license for Adobe software has finally come through, this update can probably best be combined with the update to the Professional version.

Peter van Campen 1 jul 2008 14:09 (CEST)

Adobe Creative Suite on install-disc and can be lent

The DVD's of Adobe CS3 Design Premium UK and NL for MS-Windows and for UK Macintosh have been copied to the install network disc. Postmaster can provide serial numbers. The DVDs can also be borrowed at HG03.055. The other versions (Web) probably are less popular. May be used on campus by employees and students. Employees can purchase at Surfspot a DVD set for use at home. Home use by students is not covered by this license.

Peter van Campen 1 jul 2008 13:56 (CEST)


Floris van Delft (department Organic Chemistry) made a description of the functionality of the software package ChemBioOffice. The package may be downloaded, free of charge, by everyone who has a science mail account (staff and students). Floris () is willing to answer questions about the usage of the package.

Kees Keijzers 25 jun 2008 15:24 (CEST)

Software update: Maple 12

A new version (12) of Maple has been installed on Linux/Solaris. Early next week it will also be available on the Windows-XP Managed PCs. It can be installed on Windows from the install network disk, but the CDs can also be borrowed by employees and students, for home use too.

Peter van Campen 19 jun 2008 16:24 (CEST)

New version of the Windows Managed PC

There is a new installation method for the Windows-XP Managed PCs, that has been developed and is being maintained by several IT-support groups in the RU tohether, in the SITO (Samenwerkende IT-Ondersteuning) project. The main difference is that more software is installed, and that it is less dependent on network drives. Many PCs in the Study Landscape and several departmental PCs have been installed with the new method.

Wim Janssen 19 jun 2008 16:10 (CEST)

Software update: TeXlive 2007

Today TeXlive 2007 replaced TeXlive 2005 as the standard version of (La)TeX on Windows and Unix computers managed by C&CZ. If no problems are reported, the old version will be removed in a few months.

Peter van Campen 16 jun 2008 18:06 (CEST)

Matlab: TIMEOUTALL introduced, installation procedure changed

After an idea from FC Donders, C&CZ changed the options for the Matlab license server to include a 'TIMEOUTALL 3600'. This has the advantage that an inactive user can hold a license for Matlab or a toolbox for 1 hour at maximum, but could cause problems sometimes for the many tens of users within Radboud Unicversity and Hospital, because it can happen that a long-running Matlab job stops because there is currently no license available.

With Matlab version R2008a the Matlab installation procedure has been changed.

Peter van Campen 16 jun 2008 16:59 (CEST)

Adobe: employee home-use site-license software available on surfspot.nl

On Surfspot the site-license products of Adobe for home-use by employees are available for 35 euro per bundle. One can choose between the English or Dutch version of the 'web' or 'design' bundle. Both bundles contain a.o. Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional, Dreamweaver. Only the 'design' bundle contains InDesign. The site license products for installation on campus have been urgently ordered.

Peter van Campen 13 jun 2008 15:39 (CEST)

Adobe Flash Player Security Vulnerability

Last week word was spread about abuse by installing keyloggers through a security vulnerability in the Adobe Flash plugin of browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. C&CZ managed computers have been updated to the latest version. C&CZ advises everybody to upgrade to version if not already done. Testing can be done through the Adobe testpage and holding the mouse above "About". For even more browser security one can quite easily install the Firefox extension NoScript.

Peter van Campen 11 jun 2008 11:46 (CEST)

Adobe software will become site-license after all!

Today SURFdiensten reported that the site license agreement between SURFdiensten and Adobe for Dutch schools and universities reached a final status. The products and codes for the licensed products are expected to become available next week.

Peter van Campen 6 jun 2008 15:32 (CEST)

New version of Mathematica (

A new version of Mathematica has been installed. The CDs can be borrowed by departments that take part in the license.

Ben Polman 3 jun 2008 13:34 (CEST)

MS Office for Mac 2008 NL/UK *campus* can be borrowed

A CD of MS Office 2008 for Macintosh can be borrowed for campus use and on Macs owned by departments, the NL- as well as the UK-version. For home use one can buy it relatively cheap at Surfspot, althoug it is always more expensive than the free OpenOffice.

Wim Janssen 20 mei 2008 17:02 (CEST)

Removing old mail addresses helps prevent spam

At this time (May 2008) we often see that suddenly a lot of spam is sent from different places on the Internet, with a (fake) sender address of the old "@sci.kun.nl" form. For the owner of such an address this gives some trouble, since the spam that cannot be delivered wiil come "back" to the sender address that was used. To help prevent this, it is a good idea to look in the DIY website which old "kun.nl" addresses can be removed and mail that to postmaster.

Jos Alsters 10 apr 2008 12:48 (CEST)