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C&CZ Information for new students and employees

Two logins

To get access to computer resources, one usually needs a username and a password. As a student or employee of the Faculty of Science, one gets 2 logins: a RU-number and a Science-name. Below you can read for which services each of them can be used. The Faculty of Science tries to make faculty services accessible with the RU-number, but at this moment this is not yet possible for all services.

RU number (U123456 / s1234567)

  • Students: At the start of a study at Radboud University, all students receive a letter with their student number (something like s1234567) as a username and a RU-student password or KISS-password. A student number cannot be changed. Read about the RU password, where it can be used and how it can be changed on the RU IdM webpage.

Students with questions about their RU-account or mailbox, please contact Student Affairs directly.

  • Employees: A new employee gets a personnel number (U-number, something like U123456) from the personnel department, that cannot be changed. One can change this RU-password through the RU IdM website, where one can also read where it can be used. For employees of the Faculty of Science, C&CZ can help in case of problems and reset the password.

Science name (isurname)

Because the Faculty of Science since long has had faculty IT services, that could only be used by faculty staff and students, and often it is impossoble to use the RU-number for the service, every staff member and student is also entitled to a Science login name, that is based on initials, given name and/or surname, something like jsmith. This login name cannot (easily) be changed. The Science password can be changed on the Do It Yourself website, that also explains which passwords are allowed. In general the rules are a bit less strict than the newer RU password rules. E.g., a RU password must be at least 8 characters long, a Science password at least 6. When using a Science-login, students should follow the login usage rules.

The two logins, RU number or Science name, can thus easily be distinguished. The passwords are (initially) different, of course you can choose to make them the same. Below a list of the most important services you can use with these logins.

Which login for which services?

PC's in computer labs and study area can be used with both logins: domain B-FAC with Science loginname or domain RU with student number.

  • With the faculty Science login you can use:
    • Printers: the C&CZ-managed accounted printers.
    • Wi-fi: the Eduroam and ru-wlan wireless networks with username . Also the wireless network Science, that is being pased out, can be used.
    • The Do It Yourself website to change your password and other settings of your Science account.
    • Science network disc space.
    • Linux login-servers.
    • Mail: Science mail. The corresponding email address ends in, an example: Extra email addresses of the form can be requested. Faculty mailings will use this address. If you do not want to read your mail on this mail server, then have it automatically forwarded to a different email address through the Do It Yourself website.
    • VPN (network access from home): the Science VPN service.
  • With the RU login, you get access to some tens of services, the most important ones are:
    • The RU Student Portal.
    • The RU Blackboard electronic learning environment.
    • email (Share). The corresponding email address is University mailings will use this address. If you do not want to read your mail on this mail server, then have it automatically forwarded to a different email address. See the KISS questions about this.
    • Wi-fi: the Eduroam and ru-wlan wireless networks with username .
    • Software: SURFspot, for relatively cheap software, often also for home use.
    • RU Intranet: RadboudNet.
    • BASS, the RU financial/logistic system (BASS-FinLog) and personnel system (BASS-HRM).