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=== [KISS en E-mail][KISS and E-mail] ===
=== [KISS en E-mail: waar moet je zijn?][KISS and E-mail: where to go?] ===
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To get access to computer resources, one usually needs a username and a password.

  • Students: At the start of a study at Radboud University, all students receive a letter with their student number (something like s1234567) as a username and a RU-student password or KISS-passord. A student number cannot be changed. Read about the RU student password and e.g. changing it on the www.ru.nl/student FAQ webpage, about the rules for a password on the RU password policy webpage.

KISS and E-mail: where to go?

Enroll for an exam KISS [webpagina[webpage]]
Change name/address KISS webpagina
Read @student.science.ru.nl email on the web nieuwe webmail voor @student.science.ru.nl
Read @student.ru.nl email on the web webmail voor @student.ru.nl

Problems or questions?

  • With questions about KISS and the student.ru.nl email address, please visit the helpdesk/front office Student Affairs Comeniuslaan 6.
  • Questions about the computers in the Faculty of Science and the student.science.ru.nl email addresss should be directed to [:Categorie:Storing|C&CZ]].

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