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For every wiki a separate LocalSettingsExtra.php file exists which enables you to change the default behavior of your wiki. This file can be found in /vol/wiki/YOURWIKI/ on Unix login servers and is accessible on Windows pc's via \\wikiconf\wikisettings Changes in this file may take up to one minute before becoming active. It is advisable to read through this file to see what is possible. Beware that (syntax) errors in this file may cause it to be ignored completely.

To change your logo you have to complete the following steps

  • Convert your logo to 135x135 pixel size or smaller
  • Upload your logo image to your wiki (Upload file in Toolbox)

Obtain the location of the uploaded image by clicking on the link just below No higher resolution available. and just above File History. Typically the link will look like

  • use this link in your LocalSettingsExtra.php file like this
 $wgLogo             = "/YOURWIKI/images/8/82/yourlogo.jpg";

Note that you should remove everything before /YOURWIKI in the obtained link.


local installation for which you can submit a request to .

Default Skin

User management