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Wireless Settings for Windows Mobile

  1. Windows Settings:

    • Click "Start" → "Settings".


    • A window named "Settings" appears. In this window, click on the tab "Connections" and within that tab on the icon for Wi-Fi. For an HP iPAQ this is called "iPAQ Wireless".


    • In the next window, click on Wi-Fi settings. For an HP iPAQ the window looks like:

      iPAQ Wireless

    • In the next window, subtitled "Configure Wireless Networks", click the "Science" network.

      Configure Wireless Networks

    • In the next screen, click the middle tab on the bottom of the screen "Network Key".

      Configure Wireless Networks General

    • In the next screen, titled "Configure Network Authentication", pick WPA/TKIP and click on the right tab on the bottom of the screen "802.1x".

      Configure Network Authentication Network Key

    • Pick as EAP type "PEAP" in the next screen.

      Configure Network Authentication 802.1x

    • Probably the PEAP settings cannot be changed. This is no problem, since the PEAP-settings then will be PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2. which is correct for our network. If you try to change the settings, you get a warning.: Warning

    • Clicking 'OK" will give you a logon screen, in which you have to type your "Science" username and password to get connected to the network.User Logon