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Windows software for employees and students of the Faculty of Science

To install on your own Windows PC

  • Install-share: a network drive with installable software.
  • The ISC has a [ page on software] and maintains a list of RU licensed software.
    • All kinds of licensed software (which can also be used at home) can be bought at Surfspot when one logs in with employee/student number and RU-wachtwoord. Departments can order these software packages via the Purchase Department. The ISC coordinates most RU-wide software licenses, mainly through SURFdiensten.
      • The upgrade of Windows 10 to the Educationa version with e.g. BitLocker encryption is recommended.
    • The ChemBioOffice software must be installed directly from the site of the supplier.
    • C&CZ lends (to students and staff of the FNWI) DVD/CDs of Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux or Apple MacOS software with a RU or FNWI license agreement.
    • Software for the RU Concern systems (BASS-Finlog, HRM, ...).

    Software available on C&CZ managed Windows-computers

    It is not possible to exactly state what software is installed on a C&CZ managed Windows-computer. This greatly depends on the purpose of the PC or the department that owns the PC. Licensed software for which no campus license exists, is often distributed to only a small number of PCs. On the Windows PC's in the computer labs a T-disk with course software is attached from the network. Below the software packages that are available.

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