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Windows software

Direct from network drive

When you are using a 'C&CZ Managed PC' with Windows-XP like the PC's in the computer labs, then a lot of software is already installed. If something seems to be missing, please notify C&CZ. On other Windows-XP PC's some of the software packages installed on the S-disc can be used instantly.

  • Maple (Computer algebra package)
  • Mathematica (interactive system for mathematical calculations from Wolfram Research).
  • Matlab (`Matrix laboratory' for interactive scientific calculations).
  • R, statistical computing.
  • FoxIt PDF Reader (Software alternative for viewing and printing PDF files)

To install yourself

  • Software for the RU Concern systems (BASS-Finlog, HRM, ISIS, ...).
  • Most RU licensed software can be ordered from Surfspot. You need to login with your personnel- or student-number and RU-password. Departments can order these software packages via the Purchase Department of FEZ. For a few RU-software packages exceptions are noted on the UCI software page.
  • van Dale dictionaries.
  • X-Win32 (X Windows software for PC) with builtin SSH functionality.
  • For SSH (Secure shell software) nowadays there is a free alternative.
  • A lot of software packages is also available via the install network drive. On a Windows PC the network drive connection can be made using the service \\\install. On a Mac press command-K in the Finder and use the path smb:// . On a managed Unix/Linux machine this drive can be found at /vol/install/science.
  • ChemBioOffice must be downloaded from the site of the supplier.


Employees and students can borrow, depending on license agreements, the software mentioned below at C&CZ, room HG03.055.