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Matlab, a `matrix laboratory' for interactive scientific calculations of The Mathworks Inc. is an integrated software package, it combines numeric calculations, data visualization and a programming language.

A number of departments in the university have bought shares in the network license that C&CZ has arranged for the use of Matlab. When one has bought a share, the installation DVD of Matlab (latest version Release 2007b) for either Linux x86, Linux x86_64, Mac (PPC), Mac (Intel), Sun SPARC Solaris10 or for MS-Windows (2000, XP(x86), XP(x64), Vista(x86), Vista(x64)), but also older versions, can be borrowed from C&CZ system administration.

This network license with a lot of toolboxes can only be used by computers on the Internet. Next to that, C&CZ has a few stand-alone "student-version R14SP1" CD's, without toolboxes, for sale, for about EUR 60,- excl. BTW.

When a department regularly uses Matlab without yet having bought a share in the network license, one should contact Astrid Linssen. The use of Matlab is logged on the license server. At the end of each year C&CZ calculates the average peak-use per week of each department, this should correspond to the number of Matlab-licenses bought. During the highest peak-use a department thus uses more licenses than bought, but this is no problem due to the shared network license: not all departments peak at the same time.

Matlab is available on the Solaris Suns and MS-Windows or Linux PCs managed by C&CZ.

Installing Matlab roughly means:

  • Put the license.dat, that C&CZ sent by mail, somewhere on your hard disk. That license.dat looks like:
        SERVER .... .....
  • Insert the software CD
  • For MS-Windows: Enter the Personal License Password' that C&CZ sent by mail. It looks like:
  • Point to the directory where you stored the license.dat.
  • Click 'Next' a few times, after which you might install the Documentation CD, after which you'll have to restart your PC.
  • The license.dat file has been moved by the installation to:
        C:\Matlab7SP2\bin\win32\license.dat (MS-Windows)
        $MATLAB/etc/license.dat            (Unix)
  • Linux installation
    • Become root
    • mkdir /usr/local/matlab
    • mkdir /usr/local/matlab/etc
    • cp -p license.dat /usr/local/matlab/license.dat
      The license.dat looks like:
          SERVER ...
 Contact C&CZ for the current license file.
    • cd /usr/local/matlab
    • Insert CD 1
      mount /mnt/cdrom
    • /mnt/cdrom/install -t
      Accept the license agreement en answer all questions, choose the default options. Wait for succes report.
    • umount /mnt/cdrom
    • eject
    • Repeat the installation step described above for CD 2 and 3.

Known problems:

  • Firewalls:
    • When one is separated from the license server by a firewall, one needs to open 2 ports: one on which the license server is listening and 1 return portnumber. Contact C&CZ for details, the portnumbers might change due to an upgrade of Matlab.
    • Using McAfee's (VirusScan Home Edition NL v7.00.5000) HAWK (Hostile Activity Watch Kernel), with the checkbox "enable HAWK for email" checked one gets the error message from Matlab13:
            License Manager Error -15.
            Cannot connect to license server
             The server (lmgrd) has not been started yet, or
             The wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the
             Port or hostname of the license file has been changed.
            Feature:    MATLAB
            Server name: wnever
            Licensepath: C:\MATLAB6p5\bin\win32\license.dat; C:\MATLAB6p5\bin\win32 - \*.lic
            FLEXlm error: -15,578. System Error: 10038: "WinSock: Specified socket is invalid"
            For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,
  It has even been reported that only de-installing McAfee7 (and re-installing McAfee6) solved the problem.
  • Macintosh (MacOSX):
    • the Matlab engine and OpenGL don't work together, therefore Matlab freezes when you do a 3d-plot. There is a workaround: everything works fine when using the command "opengl neverselect". This is a known problem, expected to be solved in Release 14.
    • For MacOSX (10.2), after installing Matlab, one needs to upgrade OroborOSX to v0.8.5 (
    • For MacOSX jaguar (10.2) run the Matlab-patch ( Be sure to update both `Xfree86' and `MatLab'
    • Doubleclick `LaunchMatlab', which is located in applications/MATLABp6/bin/ (R16;LaunchMatlab' takes care of starting first OroborOSX en afterwards Matlab.
  • Installation of the documentation CD: The documentation CD of Matlab R13 can only be installed after the product has been installed. After a reboot you have to run the install program of the product CD and fill in that you only want to install the documentation. Then insert the documentation CD and youre're almost finished.