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m ([Installatie op een Windows PC][Installation on a Windows PC])
m ([Installatie op een Windows PC][Installation on a Windows PC])
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** [Kies][Choose] "Typical Installation"
** [Kies][Choose] "Typical Installation"
** [nl]Wijs de map waar je de <tt>license.dat</tt> bewaard hebt, aan.[/nl][en]Point to the directory where you stored the <tt>license.dat</tt>.[/en]
** [nl]Wijs de map waar je de <tt>license.dat</tt> bewaard hebt, aan.[/nl][en]Point to the directory where you stored the <tt>license.dat</tt>.[/en]
** [nl]Daarna zou de installatie vanzelf moeten gaan.[/nl][en]After that, the installation should be no problem.[/nl]
** [nl]Daarna zou de installatie vanzelf moeten gaan.[/nl][en]After that, the installation should be no problem.[/en]
=== [Installatie op een Linux PC][Installation on a Linux PC] ===
=== [Installatie op een Linux PC][Installation on a Linux PC] ===

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Matlab, a `matrix laboratory' for interactive scientific calculations of The Mathworks Inc. is an integrated software package, it combines numeric calculations, data visualization and a programming language.

A number of departments in the university have bought shares in the network license that C&CZ has arranged for the use of Matlab. When one has bought a share, one can get the software and installation/licensing keys of Matlab for either Linux, Mac or for MS-Windows (XP, Vista, 7), but also older versions, from C&CZ system administration.

This network license with a lot of toolboxes can only be used by computers on the Internet. For standalone use, one can try to use a free alternative like Scilab or Octave. The license purchase costs for on average 1 concurrent Matlab-user are EUR 241,- excl. VAT. Maintenance costs depend on the number of users, but are roughly EUR 50,- per year.

When a department regularly uses Matlab without yet having bought a share in the network license, one should contact Astrid Linssen. The use of Matlab is logged on the license server. At the end of each year C&CZ calculates the average peak-use per week of each department, this should correspond to the number of Matlab-licenses bought. During the highest peak-use a department thus uses more licenses than bought, but this is no problem due to the shared network license: not all departments peak at the same time.

Matlab is available on the MS-Windows and Linux machines managed by C&CZ.

Installation on a Windows PC

    • Put the license.dat, that C&CZ mailed you, somewhere on your hard disk. You can create a file called license.dat by starting Notepad and saving it as Type: "all" and Name: "license.dat". The file license.dat contains 2 lines that look like:

        SERVER matlab.science.ru.nl .... .....

    • Insert the software DVD or copy the contents of a Matlab directory of the network drive \\install\install\science to someplace on your hard drive. Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows installer, depending on your OS. You can see the OS-version by right-clicking on Computer and choosing Properties.

    • Choose "Install manually without using the Internet".
    • Check "I have the File Installation Key"
    • Enter the File Installation Key' that C&CZ sent by mail. It looks like:
    • Choose "Typical Installation"
    • Point to the directory where you stored the license.dat.
    • After that, the installation should be no problem.

Installation on a Linux PC

    • Contact C&CZ for the current license file and File Installation Key.
    • Become (if you want) root
    • mkdir /usr/local/matlab
    • mkdir /usr/local/matlab/etc
    • cp -p license.dat /usr/local/matlab/etc/license.dat
      The license.dat looks like (2lines!):
          SERVER matlab.science.ru.nl ...
    • cd /usr/local/matlab
  • If you install from the network:
    • Copy the software to your local drive and unzip the zip file.
  • If you install from DVD:
    • Insert the DVD and mount /mnt/cdrom if that doesn't happen automatically.
  • Start the Linux installer, accept the license agreement, enter the "File Installation Key" and answer all questions, choose the default options. After the installation, when starting Matlab for the first time, you are asked to activate the software. Choose '*without* using the internet' and point to the license.dat that you received from C&CZ.

Known problems

Ubuntu 11.04 installation on a 32 bits pc

When running the install script, you'll probably get an error like:

/lib/libc.so.6 missing

This can be fixed by creating a symbolic link:

$ sudo ln -s /lib/386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 /lib

Toolkit problems after upgrading to new version

A toolkit seems to be missing, the reason might be a Matlab searchpath that has not been adjusted for the new version. See Mathworks help1 and Mathworks help2. A fast fix, in Matlab is:

restoredefaultpath; matlabrc

Redhat / Fedora Linux installation

If you get the error message:

error while loading shared libraries:
libXp.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

install the missing software through something like:

root# yum install libXp.so.6


  • When one is separated from the license server by a firewall, one needs to open 2 ports: one on which the license server is listening and 1 return portnumber. Contact C&CZ for details, the portnumbers might change due to an upgrade of Matlab.