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Mathematica is a mathematical software package made by Wolfram Research.

A smaal number of departments within the RU together bought a network license for the concurrent use (by a small number of people) of Mathematica. If a department contributes to the payment of the license, one can borrow the installation CDs of Mathematica from C&CZ system administration. Incidental use by others is poosible too, because C&CZ also bought 1 license.

The use of Mathematica is logged by the license server. If a department regularly uses Mathematica without having participated in the license, one can contact Ben Polman. The number of concurrent user licenses should be stated.

On the Linux PCs that are managed by C&CZ, Mathematica can be found in the standard searchpath. On MS-Windows PC's Mathematica can be found on the S-disk (xpsoftware).

To use Mathematica under Linux, it might be necessary to adjust the X11 font path of the workstation (the X server) through: xset fp+ tcp/ If you would like to reset your font path, use: xset fp default.