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Request for login

Only the department contact may request new logins. Please send your request to

The following data are necessary to create a new login:

The full name of the new colleague or student.
The U- or S-number.
The name of the department.
The end date (if applicable).
Optionally a suggestion for the new login name.
Optionally a suggestion for the new mail address.
Optionally the printbudget groups the new login must be a member of.
Optionally the network share(s) the new login must have access to.
Optionally the Unix group(s) (rights) the new login must be a member of.

Initially the new login will have the same password as the requester. This way the requester can login into DHZ (Do It Yourself) for the new colleague or student after which he or she can choose their own password.

The password for a (new) U-account can be reset by C&CZ (you need to bring your personel pass or valid ID for identification). To reset the password of their S-accounts students should turn to the Dienst Studentenzaken.

The telephone contact person of a department will register the name, mail address, room, and phone number into RBS and the FNWI online phone directory via [2]

Access rights for Oracle and other concern application must be requested from the RU application owner by the department itself.