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Every employee and every student of the Faculty of Science is entitled to get a (free) personal science login. With this login all services offered by computers that are managed by C&CZ can be used. The loginname is based on one's own name, e.g. johndoe. Note that the loginname (often 6 to 8 non-capital letters, without . (dot) and @...) are not the same as the email address.

With the FNWI science login one can use:

So-called functional logins, which are not coupled to one natural person, are nor normally used. C&CZ tries to make sure that all services can be used without the need for more than 1 login.

Student logins are created automatically for all enlisted students. Students get these accounts through the faculty student administration, room HG00.133/HG00.134, phone 52247/53392. Before receiveing the login/password one has to sign (Dutch MS-Word document) that one agrees with the formal rules (Dutch MS-Word document) and the rules for conduct (Dutch MS-Word document). In the event that the faculty student administration does not have the latest information, a temporary login can be created through the contact person for the specific study:

  • Mathematics
    Wim Veldman, room HG03.714, telefoon 52972, e-mail
  • Computer Science
    Yella Kleijnen, room HG02.612, telefoon 52094, e-mail
  • Physics and Astrophysics
    Peter Klok, room HG03.822, telefoon 52214, e-mail
  • Molecular Life Sciences and Chemistry
    Wilma Philipse, room HG01.059, telefoon 53173, e-mail
  • Bio-sciences: Biology
    Conny Mooren, room HG00.115, telefoon 52281, e-mail
  • Bio-sciences: Environmental Science
    Marlie Becks, room HG00.113, telefoon 53285, e-mail
  • General Science
    Luc-Jan Laarhoven, room HG01.061, telefoon 53028, e-mail
  • Molecular Life Sciences
    Gerrie Coppens, room HG01.062, telefoon 53028, e-mail
  • Bioinformatics
    Celia van Gelder, room NCMLS 0.23, telefoon 66120, e-mail

The contact persons will let the student sign a contract and let C&CZ know which login should be made. They are also the persons to contact for enlarging disk quota.