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Faculty of Science addressbook in Outlook/Thunderbird


  1. In Outlook choose Tools->Email Accounts
  2. Next select "Add a new directory or address book" and click on "Next"
  3. Select "Internet Directory Service (LDAP)" and click on "Next"
  4. Fill in server name: ldap1.science.ru.nl and click on "More Settings"
  5. Select the Tab Search and fill in as search base: o=addressbook
  6. click on "OK", subsequentlty on "Next" and finally on "Finish"
  7. Close Outlook and start it again.

You can now search in this address book but a more convenient construction is the following: start a new mail message and fill in part of the name in the "To:" field and press "Control-K". A list of names will popup that match the typed text, choose the name you were looking for.

Unfortunately Outlook stops searching the address books as soon as it has a match in one address book. This implies that if LDAP is the second address book and you have a contact that matches in your personal address book you will not get results from the LDAP address book. In that case only explicitly searching in the LDAP address book will work, you can add the found results to you personal address book so the next time it will find it there.