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Laptop lending regulations


Students and employees of the Faculty of Science can borrow a laptop at the counter of the Library of Science, if a laptop is available for the period wanted.

  • Security:The borrower is responsible for the laptop; don't leave it unattended, not even for quickly getting coffee or a visit to the bathroom. At the counter of the Library of Science a laptop lock can be borrowed when needed.
  • Lending period:A laptop is lent for use within the Faculty for a well-defined period of time, usually less than 1 day.Borrowing a laptop for more days and/or for use outside the Huygens building is occasionally possible. A laptop be be acquired on working days from 08:30 hours and has to be returned Monday through Thursday before 20:00 hours or Friday before 17:30 hours.
  • Laptop hardware:A power adapter can be borrowed as an option.
  • Laptop software: The laptop has a.o. the following software installed:
  • Windows 7
  • Adobe reader
  • Office 2010
  • F-Secure Anti virus

For a complete list, see

  • Usage tips


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