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Lending laptop pool

General remarks

Starting October 2012, the Faculty of Science will have a pool of 64 laptops that can be lent by employees and students of the Faculty. There are 64 standard-RU laptops (HP Probook 6560b), that are almost identical in use to the pc's in the computer labs. The main difference is that when using the laptops wireless with Windows7, a second login screen appears, in order to login to the wireless network. Furthermore, reserving the laptops will be through Library of Science instead of through the IHZ department. Reservations by groups that paid for the laptops (PUC of Science and Chemistry Lab will have preference. Lending of laptops by the AVD will end in the future.


How to log in?

You can log on to the laptops with:

  • either with the local user name .\gast and password Guest. When one uses this local user name, there are no connections to servers or wireless networks. Locally installed software can be used. It is also possible to manually connect with a wired or wireless network.
  • or with a Science loginname and the corresponding password. When using Windows7 wireless, a second login screen appears in order to login to the wireless network at the same time as (or to be more precise even before) logging in to the laptop. At this moment this is the Science wireless network, so one can login with the Science login name. We intend to change this to ru-wlan, where one must login with U-number/RU-password, s-number/RU-password or Science

See also the following screen shots:

Laptop guest login
Laptop network login

Waht environment is offered?

The laptops are all dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. Just like the PC's in the terminal rooms.

Any questions?

For reservations, please contact the Library of Science. For technical questions, please contact C&CZ directly.

Lending procedure

The borrower promises by signing the laptop lending agreement to agree with the lending regulations of the Faculty of Science for lending laptops to students and employees.

Lending procedure for a trolley

For Faculty education (NLT, Chemistry Lab, Math Tournament, ...) a complete trolley with maximum 22 laptops can be lent. The trolley has been modified by C&CZ in such a way, that the laptops are connected by UTP-cable to the network, in order to have automatic updates working.