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Lending laptop pool

General remarks

The Faculty of Science has a pool of 23 Windows10 laptops that can be lent by employees and students of the Faculty. These are standard-RU laptops. They are almost identical in use to the pc's in the computer labs. The main difference is reservation is not through IHZ anfd that they are not dual-boot with Linux.

The reservation of the laptops is administered by the Library of Science. Use for FNWI education has precedence.


How to log in with Windows?

You can log on to the laptops with:

  • either with a Science loginname and the corresponding password
  • or a RU account: RU\s123456 and the corresponding password

Any questions?

For reservations, please contact the Library of Science. For technical questions, please contact C&CZ directly.

Lending procedure

The borrower promises by signing the laptop lending agreement to agree with the lending regulations of the Faculty of Science for lending laptops to students and employees.


In some special cases, a complete trolley with maximum 22 laptops can be lent for Faculty education. The trolley has been modified by C&CZ in such a way, that the laptops are connected by UTP-cable to the network, in order to have automatic updates working.