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Konica Minolta Multifunctionals (Copiers/Printers/Scanners)

The RU decided in 2013 to switch to Konica Minolta multifunctionals. The machines are used as copiers, network printers and scanners. The paper output can be automatically stapled, the output of the scanner can be mailed.

  • All Ricoh multifunctionals will be replaced by Konica Minolta machines. There will be black-and-white machines and color machines. Of course these have the advantage that they can produce color output, but disadvantages are that they are slower and without intent can produce expensive color output.

  • Copying: To make copies we will no longer use the well-known Xafax-cards. The intention is to use for copying and printinf the Peage-system, when it is available for employees too. Until that time the Science print system will be used.

  • Printing: The price of printing (color or black-and-white) doesn't change at the moment, it is the same for all HP, Xerox, Ricoh and Konica Minolta printers.

  • Scanning: Scanning is free. There are a lot of options for color, size, resolution and output format. It is advised to e-mail the scanned output to oneself, by choosing the e-mail option and then manually input the e-mail address.

  • Service: From April 2013, a Konica Minolta support employee is present on campus, so problems should be solved relatively quick.