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Most campus license software that can be freely used by students and staff of the Science faculty, can be found in the install directory of C&CZ servers. On a Windows PC the network share connection can be made using the service \\\install. On a Mac press command-K in the Finder and use the path smb:// . On a managed Unix/Linux machine this drive can be found at /vol/install/science. It is often possible to install this software directly from the install share. Often a license key is needed, it can be requested by mail to postmaster.

  • On this network drive browse to the science folder and then to the software package of your choice.
  • Install the software, usually by executing 'setup.exe'.
  • Often a license code is needed. These can can requested by mail to postmaster.
  • At this moment the install share contains e.g.:

    • Adobe (acrobat X, CS5.5)
    • BASS
    • ChemOffice
    • Citrix
    • EndNote
    • Euroglot
    • FileMaker
    • F-Secure
    • GhostView
    • HitmanPro
    • IBM - SPSS en AMOS
    • Magma
    • Maple
    • Mathematica
    • Matlab
    • MS Office
    • MS Windows
    • OriginLab
    • Paint Shop Pro
    • PuTTY
    • Reference Manager 10
    • Reference Manager 11
    • RU-Huisstijl
    • Security-Campaign
    • SmartBoard
    • StarOffice-7.0
    • TeX
    • TimeTell
    • Tracelab
    • Visual C++ Redist
    • WinSCP
    • Winzip
    • X-Win