Inbinden, snijden, nieten, perforeren

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[Nietmachine] [Stapler]

  • A sturdy stapler in the room of the helpdesk HG03.055 with which one can staple easily up to 70 pages.

Inbinden, snijden, nieten, perforeren

In de Bibliotheek FNWI kan men smeltmapjes van diverse diktes kopen om werkstukken e.d. in te binden in het lamineerapparaat. Ook is daar een snijmachine, een 23-gaatjes perforator en diverse nietmachines.

The thermal binder

The thermal binder is located in the store room, AS017. The maximum number of pages is 155, size A4 as used in the laserprinters. Covers in various sizes are available in the stockroom.

De werkwijze is als volgt.

  1. Measure with the shifter on the binder the thickness of the cover that you will need (in mmm) or count the number of sheets, and buy a cover in the store room.
  2. Swith the binder on.
  3. Wait untill the READY light switches on.
  4. Bend the back of the cover such that it has two sharp folds.
  5. Press the pile of the sheets to bind such that it is as thin as possible.
  6. Put the sheets carefully in the cover and make sure that all sheets are in touch with the back of the cover.
  7. Put cover and sheets in the binder and press the button BIND I. The STANDBY light switches on.
  8. During heating, shift the cover a couple of times from left to right in order to let the glue flow better.
  9. Take the book from the binder when the signal sounds and the READY light is on.
  10. Be carefull: the back of the cover is very hot! In order to let the glue penetrate between all sheets, it is recommended to rub the back and the sides of the book a couple of times (with a cloth or folded piece of paper).
  11. Switch off the binder.
  12. Let the book cool down for at least 5 minutes in order to harden the glue. Otherwise, the back of the book may break.