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Adviced scanner software

The virus scanning software 'F-Secure Anti-Virus' can be downloaded from : 


There are two possible versions you can install:

  1. F-Secure Client Security:  virus/spyware scanner, email/web trafic scanner, internet shield/firewall
  2. F-Secure for Workstations : only contains virus scanner

Adviced is to install the first option: F-Secure Client Security

IT Security Campaign at the Faculty of Science

In April, May and June, C&CZ, GDI and UCI carry out an IT security campaign throughout Radboud University. During the campaign, extra attention will be paid to matters such as security software, keeping all software up-to-date, using Blackboard more secure, how to choose a safe password, how to use USB-sticks securely and 'phishing'. The campaign at the Faculty of Science started on Monday, May 23. On the RU IT security site you can find much more information about IT security. Everything under the motto: RU Secure!

During the campaign, USB-sticks with virus scanning software and playing cards of Cybersave Yourself have been distributed.

Scanner software

The virus scanning software has been copied to the Install share, in the directory Security-Campaign, which makes it easy to install the software. The manual can be found in that directory, but also below.

In this directory you find:

  • programs to scan your PC quickly for the most common viruses.
  • links to online scanners to scan your PC thoroughly.
  • links to check online whether your programs are up to date.
  • links to life buoys, if malware left your PC unusable.

Fast Scanners

These do not scan thoroughly, but they can find and remove a lot of contaminations. They are often useful, because they do not require installation. Some of them can update themselves. In general, you are advised to always download the latest version. The versions in this directory will get out of date soon.

  • F-Secure Easyclean weblink or go to the subdirectory “portable scanners” – “F-Secure EasyClean” and double-click the program.
  • TrendMicro HouseCall weblink or go to the subdirectory “portable scanners” – “HouseCall”. With Internet access the program will download updates first. This scanner has a lot of settings: fast or thorough scan, what to scan, etc.
  • ClamWin is an open source program. Perhaps it is a bit less polished than the commercial scanners, but it is a quality scanner. The ClamWin portable scanner is a complete antivirus-program; thus it is more complete than the other tools presented here. In this directory you can find the scanner in the subdirectory “portable scanners” – “clamwinportable”. The website of ClamWin is a great help: because it is Open Source, without ties to a commercial company, you can find good references and information here.
  • McAfee's Stinger: Can be found in the subdirectory “portable scanners” – “McAfee Stinger”. Is continuously adjusted to viruses that are active on the Internet. So always download the latest version here.
  • F-Secure BlackLight: An important addition to the scanners above. Doesn't scan for specific malware, but for techniques that malware uses to hide for normal scanners. Specially for the so-called rootkits, that reinfect your PC when you think you have removed the infection. You can find that in “portable scanners” – “F-Secure Blacklight”, the latest version can be downloaded here.

Online Scanners

Online scanners are not a replacement for your installed antivirus program. But if something went wrong and you think that possibly malware has entered your computer, then it can be a useful addition. Pick an online scanner by a different author than the program that is installed on your PC. No single program will give you 100% security. A different scanner might find the malware your antivirus program missed.

Health Check

Most malware nowadays enters your computer through your browser and the programs that display web content. Windows updates will get automatically to most of your computers, so probably Windows will be up to date. You probably have learnt that it is wiser not to open attachments in mail that you did not expect. A firewall protects your PCs against network-worms and hackers. At the moment the most important attack method of cyber criminals is to contaminate websites and thus attack your PC when you visit that website. So it is very important that all programs that display web content (movies, files, music, etc.) are up to date. The Firefox browser can be made extra secure with the extension NoScript, that blocks all active content until you click that you want this website to be an exception. The most important browser applications are: Java, Flash Player and PDF-reader. Help is available for these too.

  • F-Secure Health Check: Checks your PC for the security of the most important internet-applications and lets you update them easily. You can choose to get a monthly reminder or place an icon on your desktop. It is important to run this check regularly.
  • Secunia PSI: This program is installed on your PC and is always active. It keeps an eye open for updates and patches for a lot of programs. It will warn you if that is the case, if a recently discovered security hole has to be plugged. The program guides you in an easy way to the available update.


There are two situations, in which you have to use this:

  • Your PC does not start normally because it is infected.
  • An infection can't be cleaned or it gets back immediately after cleaning.

Then you'll need to take further steps and start your PC with a different operating system. If you are not afraid to do so, you can also remove the hard disc from your PC and attach it to a different PC, e.g. through a USB adapter. Then your hard disc can be scanned without the malware being started. The other method is to boot your PC from a CD or USB stick, that contains an operating system and scanner software. This can be done, but most of you probably will want to ask help for this.