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Standard supplier: Scholten Awater

The standard supplier of pc's for Radboud University is Scholten Awater since March, 2006. SA also won the new European tender for pc's starting September, 2009.

Limited selection

The ISC picks a limited selection of products with a favourable price. This selection is regularly updated.


The website of Scholten Awater lists RU prices in the webshop if you are logged in. The department contact for C&CZ in alle departments of the Faculty of Science has got the loginname/password from C&CZ. With this loginname/password the department contact can:

  • view all products with RU-prices (excl. VAT)
  • request a quote online
  • view the status of purchase orders and quotes.

Because everybody in the Faculty of Science uses the same loginname, Scholten Awater cannot see who to send a quote. Therefore please supply your name and email address when requesting a quote.


Just like other orders, through the financial system delivered to the purchasing department. Quotes can be attached.


Scholten Awater normally will deliver twice a week to the logistic center that will sign for receipt in the financial system and take care of further delivery.

Basic configuration

There will always be some basic configurations for desktop, monitor and laptop. These basic pc's have been tested: they can be installed over the network with a standard procedure. Take note: Radboud University has a site license for an UPGRADE of MS-Windows for desktops. You can buy the cheapest version of MS-Windows (home-edition, included in the basic pc). When installing over the network, the professional version will be installed. If you don't use the network installation, you can borrow Windows CD/DVD's from C&CZ.


See Dutch version.


See Dutch version.


See Dutch version.