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== [Huisleverancier: Scholten Awater][Standard supplier: Scholten Awater] ==
== [Huisleverancier: Scholten Awater][Standard supplier: Scholten Awater] ==
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=== [kernassortiment][limited selection] ===
=== [Kernassortiment][Limited selection] ===

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Standard supplier: Scholten Awater

The standard supplier of pc's for Radboud University is Scholten Awater since March, 2006. SA also won the new European tender for pc's starting September, 2009. The contact for Radboud University is Matijn Schraven, e-mail: , telefoon 024-3579 914.

Limited selection

A team with members from several faculties pick a limited selection of products with a favourable price. This selection is updates every six months.