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Radboud University Nijmegenfaculty NWI → 'Computer & Communications Department'

The information of C&CZ transferred from a website into a wiki because this makes maintaining the information much easier for C&CZ. Moreover, it also enables staff and students of the Faculty of Science to make comments on the site itself and more important: make changes, additions etc. if information is lacking or unclear. (In order to be able to edit the wiki pages, it is necessary to login with the science login and password. Go to the top of this page for login.) We try to have every page available in two languages: Dutch and English.

We hope that in this way the information for the users will be kept more up to date and be better readable/understandable for our users.

  • Questions without an answer in the FAQ , that cannot be answered through searching, should be directed to the Helpdesk
  • More information about the (staff of the) department, its location, contact data, etc you find on the related page of this wiki.

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